The Arrival of New Boeing Aircraft

BAGHDAD – Virgin Hassani revealed the Ministry of Transport for the arrival of the fourth plane from Boeing.
director of the General Company for Iraqi Airways Saad Mahdi al-Khafaji said in a statement the “morning”: that “the fourth installment will arrive next Friday and includes a single aircraft type Byung (800-737 ), bringing the number of aircraft operating on Iraqi Airways 29 aircraft, after it was the number of aircraft not exceeding 13 old craft does not meet international standards. “

Said al-Khafaji, said there are three other planes will arrive to the country during the months of July and September and October, as it will continue to contract with the company American Boeing for two years which will deliver the aircraft in the form of payments to support the Iraqi air fleet in order to achieve the quality of transmission, the services provided by Iraqi Airways. “

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