End the Water Crisis in Fallujah and Abu Ghraib

Rework water projects at full capacity Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo Ali Mowaffak announced the Ministry of Water Resources end the water crisis in Fallujah and Abu Ghraib fully by draining flooded areas and restore the flow of Euphrates water to central and southern governorates, which tried to organize »Daash» terrorist deprived of water . Technical advisor to the Ministry of Aoun Diab said in a statement »Sabah»: The «crisis is over fully», noting that the ministry has drained the water in the flooded areas and turn them towards the network Alambazl key, and then to the downstream year by installing pumps giant. Noted Diab to «restore the flow of water into the Euphrates River naturally through the old course», pointing to the besieged security forces helm of Fallujah, which means the inability of the terrorist elements control the release of water being conducted through the old mouth of the river.

Confirmed the return of most of the displaced families to areas of residence in flooded areas after drying the water, noting that the ministry has taken swift action to secure water to projects Yusufiya and Latifiya after exposure to drought., said, media adviser at the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works Jassim Mohammed Salem: More than 15 water projects, as well as many of the complexes water in the central and southern provinces affected by the cut water ascend Fallujah resumed work at full capacity for the processing of the citizens after the end of this crisis, which has led in recent days to stop many of the projects and reduce potential output and the occurrence of crises in the quantities of water required hyphen to the provinces.

Added Salem told the «morning »that« the engineering effort of the Ministry has made ​​great efforts to end the crisis draining water from the elimination of Abu Ghraib through the work of a lot of earth dams in order to stop the encroachment of water to other areas and thus harmed.

Saying «the return of many of the families of the judiciary to their home areas»., and added that « The ministry will form a working teams to assess the extent of damage to infrastructure services in areas that have become safe in Anbar province to launch a major campaign to rehabilitate ».


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