Consultant Demanding Not to Finance New Industrial Projects

BAGHDAD – Morning called an economist competent authorities to the need to make plans and take action to adopt, support and funding initiatives entrepreneurs, in addition to the preparation of a comprehensive road map leading to the creation of a healthy work environment for the activities of the pilot line with industrial initiative. consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Jeweler stressed the lack of financing of any industrial project investment of a new government and only the completion of all the projects under implementation, particularly rehabilitation projects, saying that it was part of a systematic budget should rise by the performance of each company and the industrial sector production and productivity and improve revenues so as to achieve the return on investment for each is allocated later, as well as finding departments guarantor of profits and supplier of GDP.

Called jeweler in his statement the “morning” competent authorities to prepare the general budget to be put under the methodology checks plans productivity of industrial companies all public, and taking into account the work energies available with what is required of measures to achieve quality and reduce costs in parallel to the progress of the actions of protectionism, of in order to achieve competitiveness, urging to take action earnest to implement the process of restructuring the industrial sector and the direct transformation of its nearly partnership with the private sector, as well as the development of boards of directors of public companies industrial stake in achieving the basic objectives of the companies and the lack of financing or lending to any company unless it undertakes and make a profit or cover its expenses as a first step.

Also urged the creation of a special fund to support industrial projects which are characterized Bariyadah or give it a discrimination within the industrial initiative until the establishment of the Fund, as well as attention to the support, funding and follow-up check of industrial research on the practical scope, through actual direct the establishment of technology incubators and operated in coordination between the Ministries of Industry, Science and Technology, and Higher Education.

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