Legal Reason to Simplify Import and Export Procedures

Routine causes a loss borne by the citizens of Baghdad – the joy of pumice growing need day after day to simplify import and export procedures to give allow greater for most consumer products in line with international standards and practices, especially that there are effective steps can work out to provide better protection for consumers, which helps to improve the business environment in Iraq, and accelerate the growth of local production and export earnings, and enhance competitiveness with the rest of the regional countries. urges competent to abandon giving approvals trade through licenses, and instead ensure the safety of goods at the border or through the provision of “documentation before shipping “.

Costs strenuous legal adviser in the project administrative reform Iraqi Adel al-Lami, believes that the broad scope of the licenses required imposes costs strenuous millions of dollars to businesses and consumers Iraqis annually, the outcome contributing to the loss of wealth, and slow down the business process, and reduce the competitiveness of Iraq in regional markets, as cause delays and confusion in many types of business transactions that cause the loss of the Iraqi economy, believing that the economic losses for the country is much higher than the revenue obtained. economic prosperity and added Lami “morning” that “little bit of business activities that could contribute to economic prosperity rather than transfer goods across the border, “noting that” These measures are not compatible with growth led by the private sector within the framework of the modern free economy, as it is given the complexity of these procedures in the report, “Business issued by the World Bank,” a year that Iraq is ranked 179 out of 185 countries who are engaged in cross-border trade.

Reduced growth and considered that the import and export procedures in place in Iraq are among the most procedures cost in the world and in turn leads to lower economic growth, higher prices, and reduce the quality of the input business and consumer goods, they also perform a negative role in protect citizens. certificate of origin , and pointed out that there are many ways to improve the process, including a survey certificate of origin and import licenses are now required by the Ministry of Commerce and all goods, except goods most dangerous, as well as a survey of the export license of the Ministry of Commerce, as well as review by unit insistence (program to eliminate many of the legislation is friendly and efficient business environment) for each of the import licenses required by other ministries, and recommend survey licenses unnecessary for most dangerous goods, in addition to the development of scheduling a review of checks and inspections in place at the border to be placed in a manner consistent with the best international practices.

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