«Daash» Loot Gold Jewelery from the People of Mosul

Tourism confirms loss of manuscripts antique mosques and religious shrines Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo – Ali Mowaffak. Threatened gangs “Daash” terrorist Goldsmiths in Nineveh province, of murder after he stole large amounts  of gold jewelry. With forced a number of them to donate to her, said device standardization and quality control that more than 500 jeweler left the province. Comes at a time confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism loss of manuscripts and relics of ancient mosques and religious shrines.

Gold Market

It was not by the goldsmith Sana Jalal city of Mosul conversion Musogath precious to Erbil after the surprise entry of gangs “Daash” to the gold market to maintain and stealing most of the jewelery, precious and forcing jewelers others to leave their money and valuables to the terrorists who call themselves the “Mujahideen”.
Said Jalal in connection with the “morning”, “on the eve of entering gangs” Daash “terrorist to Nineveh province killed some jewelers and stole Musogathm precious, and threatened others and forced them to open their shops for the purpose of taking the jewels and coins other order of what they call” Wally Mosul. “
He noted that the loss is estimated at 250 million dinars, indicating that he fled with his family to Arbil, fearing the wrath of terrorists “Daash.”

Grab The Banks

As explained jeweler Karim Salem resident of Mosul also “morning”, that “the life of jewelers who are now at risk, especially after the gangs” Daash “investigating their names and invite them to donate to them, including own of Jewelry and money, noting that most jewelers have not they can convert their money into Baghdad or Arbil fact that gangs “Daash” seized the banks during entry into Nineveh.  In the meantime, said a source from the device standardization and quality control in the Ministry of Planning for the “morning” that more than 500 jeweler left Nineveh province after being taken over by gangs, “Daash” terrorist, as they fled with their families to the Kurdistan region., And pointed out that the movement of the sale and purchase Jewellery parked in Nineveh with the present office was closed recently in anticipation of Jewellery marking equipment confiscated by the terrorists, “Daash,” and urged security authorities to the elimination of these criminals who stopped the wheel of life in the province.

Theft of Manuscripts

In the meantime, confirmed the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities displays manuscripts in some mosques and shrines of the prophets in the province of Nineveh to theft.
Director of Relations and Media in the Ministry Qasim Tahir Sudanese confirmed for “morning,” said Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Brigade Sumaisem called upon all concerned and those concerned with archaeological, as well as intellectuals and the media to stand up to condemn the acts of destruction suffered by Iraqi antiquities in the province of Nineveh.  He also called for international and humanitarian organizations around the world need to protect the cultural heritage and humanitarian Mesopotamia.

He explained that the ministry consider obsessively to target terrorist groups incitements of churches and monasteries in Mosul and burned without paying attention to the value of heritage, historical, spiritual, noting that the ministry had called clans thoroughbreds to protect archaeological sites from the abusers, as well as an invitation UNESCO concerned to preserve the monuments and World Heritage and all relevant international organizations to intervene immediately and take all necessary in order to protect and monitor the effects of Iraq’s archaeological sites and heritage in order not to repeat the crime of the century has challenged humanity civilization of Iraq in 2003.


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