European Shares Slip Under the Pressure of Iraq and the Loss of LG. DVD. F

BAGHDAD / JD / .. European stocks fell and topped Jie. DVD. F. Swizz facilities losses where Traders noted that the fears of an escalation of violence in Iraq, pay investors to take profits from gains in the stock last month.  Closed FTSEurofirst 300 index of leading European shares down 1.1% at 1372.04 points, its lowest level in nearly three weeks. According to the report, told Reuters: Record France’s CAC 40 performance less, shedding 1.3% under the pressure of falling share Ji. DVD. F. Swizz facilities 2.3%, after he sold the French government’s share in the company’s $ 3.1 % vs. 20.18 euros per share, which is the minimum for the range set by the operators subscription.

Traders said the conflict in Iraq given investors an excuse to take profits from the rise last month, which saw a rise in Germany’s DAX index to a record high at 10050.98 points, while the FTSEurofirst 300 index to its highest level in six years and a half year at 1399.62 points. Despite the fall in oil prices, traders said events in Iraq are still alarming enough to justify lowering centers in the stock if the situation deteriorates.

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