Economic Activities To Support The Momentum Of The Victories Of Our Armed Forces

BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb Continue the formal institutions of government and economic organizations, non-governmental efforts and capabilities in support of the crowd tactical National sustain the momentum of victories achieved by our armed forces, the heroine in the defeated terrorism, as announced EFCC for follow-up mechanisms of action of border crossings and facilitate the task of the entry of goods, pointing to the entry of nearly 600 trucks a day port Zurbatiyah only.  It was announced General Manager of Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry for a resolution passed at the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the bank to transfer amounts of advertising and aid amounting to 800 million dinars allocated for the purpose of buying food for the army and in the form of meals.

Army support

She said in a telephone interview for the “morning” that the bank has taken measures supportive of the home front by postponing repayment of loans to small businesses for the purposes of tourism projects as well as for some borrowers who have obligations with the state departments. They pointed out that the employees of the bank branches of the 22 initiated to hold blood donation campaigns in support of the ongoing military operations in some provinces.

Follow-up outlets

To announce that the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and follow up the work of border crossings and to overcome any obstacles that may accompany the entry of materials that enhance the exhibits local markets.
Alaa Al-Nouri said by telephone from the border port Zurbatiyah “morning” that the specialized committees of the Union Chamber of Commerce in the province, which is located within its borders border port sequence and mechanisms of action adopted new measures to facilitate the entry of goods smoothly high.


He added that the port Zurbatiyah border runs smoothly high and the clock under the supervision of specialized committees which conducts inspections in accordance with the regulations is the introduction of material examined without any trouble to their suppliers, and pointed to the entry of large numbers of trucks per day, ranging between 450-600 trucks loaded with various essential goods, indicating that 60 percent of them foodstuffs.  He confirmed the existence of the committees of the Union relay the reality of supply of foodstuffs in all the provinces and how to walk the demand, especially with the holy month of Ramadan, pointing out that the committee reports confirm the balance of supply and demand and prices maintain their levels, indicating that the balance prevents the occurrence of any defect in prices in the future.

Professional associations

He Nouri to that the reality of supply in the domestic market, large and there is no shortage of food, as does fear of shortages in the future, adding that the union and professional associations of economic work to provide the necessary support to the Iraqi armed forces, each according to its competence.
He said that efforts are continuing to support the domestic front, military and economic in order to miss an opportunity to predators, the security of the country, and a large support for the stability of economic security through the provision of all the requirements of the daily life of citizens.

Industrial effort

To that between the competent industrial affairs Qasim Kazem honest effort that the local industrial capable of supporting the armed forces great potential for the repair and rehabilitation of all types of military equipment through the formation of a large maintenance workshops re-qualify within hours.
He pointed to overcome the problem of lack of spare parts and that there are possibilities of local manufactures all parts quality and world class locally, pointing out that local expertise is ready for the establishment of these workshops and start working during the day. He said the armed forces need to pause by all professionals in the country and support in its war against the great danger facing Iraq, especially with the availability of local capacity that can support it.

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