Volume of Trading in Stock Market Increased By 90% in March

The monthly report issued by the Iraqi market for securities and private performance of the market for the month of March last trading more than (103.977) billion shares compared with (53.184) billion shares in the month of February, recording an increase of (95.5%) while the total trading volume ( 123.583) billion dinars, compared with (94.121) billion shares in the previous month, recording an increase of (31.3%). 

Showed the report, seen by the “long” that these indicators came through the implementation of a number of contracts executed the (11319) compared to a contract ( 12817) a contract for the previous month, achieving a decrease of (11.7%), and in this market indicators index closed at (107.36) points.  Market and has the second report showed that the number of shares traded (603.270) million shares worth $ (1,014) billion dinars executed through (39) deal traded shares (4) companies out of (9) companies listed on the second market is red for the insurance, the Secretary for Financial Investment, Alebattk Financial Investments, the Secretary for real estate investments.

 , and the report noted that it is still (3) companies suspended from trading, including the company of the days of the financial investment and Khaimah Financial Investments and until the completion of the procedures for the integration of the two companies together, and the company good financial investment for not honoring the requirements of the financial disclosure and provide the Board and the market to the financial statements for the two first and the second quarter of 2013.  And trading of non-Iraqi report showed that the number of shares sold by non-Iraqi (9,550) million shares worth $ (7,755) million were carried out through (10) Deals Sale (109.37) in the previous month, recording a decrease of (1.48%). 

The report also pointed to regulate the stock market ( 21) trading session in the market regulars and (16) trading session in the parallel market and according to the instructions and controls, indicating that the market regulars saw trading in shares of 67 companies out of 74 companies listed were suspended from trading on the shares of the two Bank of the Middle East, Baghdad, Iraq Public transportation decision of the Securities Commission and until authentication Companies Registration Department on the lecturer General Assembly meeting for them. 
has not been trading on the shares of two companies for the incompatibility of supply and demand and are the two companies manufacture modern construction materials and Khazar for the production of construction materials, as the number of shares sold to non-Iraqi investors ( 3,714) billion shares, valued at $ (7,873) billion dinars executed through (in 1092) the sale of shares (33) joint stock company listed. 

and commands opposite the intended market regulars, the number of shares traded by (52.099) billion shares worth (58.284 ) billion dinars on the shares (5) companies are: Union Bank of Iraq, Elite General Contracting, Ashur, Mosul Bank and Bank of Iraq Islamic with the sale of listed shares (5,132) trillion shares and the market value (11,687) trillion dinars, which correspond to (9739) billion dollars.


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