The Opening of Third Branch in Baghdad will Provide Loans to 9 Thousand Borrowers

The Minister of Construction and Housing Mohammad Darraji, Section III of the Housing Fund, and stressed that this fund will serve areas of the chest and east of the canal, as pointed general manager of the housing fund to the new branch began work last Thursday to serve 9 thousand borrower.

Daraji said in an interview with a number of media, including the (long-Presse) on the sidelines of the opening of the section “The opening of this fund will serve Sadr City and the areas east of the canal and will contribute to easing momentum for sub-Rusafa and Karkh.”
and added that “the next plan is to open a branch in the area of Husseiniya they is one of the big cities and Sentorha more and more to improve the quality of the citizens of Baghdad. ”
For his part, Director General of the housing fund Burhan Al-Bassam, said that “this branch started operations starting from last Thursday and will provide services to seven to nine thousand borrowers during this year,” expected to “raise this section is 60% of the burden of Rusafa branch. ”
and pointed out that “this building will be informed concrete walls to protect the citizens who Sarajonh especially since Sadr City from the cities targeted by terrorists, but what we hope for a better plans serve and protect borrowers.”
It is noteworthy that loans housing fund was Before the amendment, by 25 million dinars in the province of Baghdad and 20 million dinars in the provinces and 18 million dinars for the districts and areas.
was housing fund was established under Decree No. (11) for the year 2004, with a capital of 300 billion dinars to finance housing projects and enable the Iraqi people to build housing for them by granting mortgages for this purpose.
referred to as the Ministry of Construction and Housing, called in (the seventh of January 2013), the provinces to provide the land needed to build low-cost housing is distributed free of charge to qualified categories, and confirmed that it received international support to support the housing project economic .

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