“Union” Brings together a New Coalition “United and Arab”

BAGHDAD / News .. Baghdadi announced six Iraqi political blocs, on Monday, the formation of a unified alliance known as the “Union” to achieve the hopes of Iraqis.

A statement issued by the “Union” received / Albgdadahuz /, a copy of it “met the leaders of six political blocs to unite the visions and efforts, where the meeting comes at a historic moment comma, delicate and dangerous place us in the circle of responsibility in front of the Iraqi people, the content that we all live in one Iraq safe civilized civil, or Ntstt icons in a sectarian and nationalist and narrow partisan, in the midst of a permanent security tension and chronic loss of trust and conflict of power and compete for the spoils and poverty is increasing day after day until it becomes a jungle Iraq is not governed by the law and do not you seize values. “

“The leaders of political blocs gathered, including the public they represent, put confidence in them to make up by meeting this hope for Iraq, united in the Word, and the unified program, unite Iraq and extricate it from the yoke of injustice and oppression.”

He continued, “Based on all the above announce the leaders of blocs and political figures gathered for the emergence of a parliamentary alliance new collected concerns and common goals we launched it union national forces which will be brief as” Union “and is attached / coalition united for reform, Arab List, a list of Iraq, and the unit Sons of Iraq , the fulfillment of Anbar, MPs from other lists. “

The statement added, “the door will remain open for those who wish the coalition to join him on in accordance with the vision and goals espoused by, as it was agreed to form a negotiating committee and the one carrying the demands of the Union of understanding with the parties and other political forces.”

The announcement of the new union came after a meeting of leaders of the blocks yesterday, Sunday, corresponding to 18/05/2014, and announced that the new union is an urgent need to meet the aspirations of all Iraqis in achieving security and stability in a unified Iraq safe.


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