More than a Billion Dollars of Iraqi Dues Owed by Several Countries

Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi is the subject of the collection of the Iraqi debt to countries of the things important economic, especially after his release from Chapter VII and the liberation of the international sanctions imposed on him by the wrong policies.  And continues to move on this issue fund specializing in the Public Debt Department, Ministry of Finance, for the collection of loan receivables Iraq granted to the Arab countries and the developing countries through the exchange of letters from the Minister of Finance to his counterparts in these countries, the city, as well as coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Committee on follow-up loans to debtor nations. Said a source in the Public Debt Department, Ministry of Finance (morning) that Iraq granting loans for a total of 18 countries, including four Arab countries as well as Central Africa and the two states for Atinettan are Cuba and Jamaica, as well as North Korea, Vietnam and Madagascar in addition to eight other African countries.

different countries in the extent of its commitment to repay their debts to Iraq, where there are countries procrastinating pay what Bzmtha (such as Niger) or to refrain from fulfill receivables Iraq (as is the case with North Korea), prompting Iraq to move towards the United Nations after efforts to meet the ambassador of a state that did not achieve success, while there is one country undergoing unrest and economic conditions are make Iraq a stop to claim them at the present time.

source said the total debt claimed by Iraq of these countries amounted to one billion and 317 million and 395 000 dollars for up to 31 – 12 – 2011. while sought other countries during the last period to discuss the settlement of loans through the formation of committees joint technical Therefore, as is the case with the Republic of Vietnam where he was to pay part of the dues of the loan Iraqi Vietnam by contributing to both companies the joint Iraqi – Vietnamese for the production of rice, the joint venture company for the production of tea has been allocated funds from the loan for the processing of goods and services for Vietnamese agreed adversary “of indebtedness, stressing that the claim going on for the rest of the dues.
noted that Zambia (which is one of the countries of the city) recently announced reaching an agreement with the Iraqi side to extinguish their debts under the Convention on Cologne in the framework of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC).

Was the Group of Eight industrialized nations has announced at its meeting in Cologne, Germany, in June 1999 to reach an agreement to write off the debt of poor countries by up to 90 percent of the total debt.

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