Two: An Opportunity for the Private Sector to Achieve Food Security

Crowd economic gain attention Baghdad, Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb – Mustafa al-Hashemi Exceeded the local market obsessed with the fear of a possible shortfall in goods and basic goods as a result of government measures urgent that opened the border crossings alternative after the closure of roads in front of the ports in North proactive step missed an opportunity to create a state of panic, in the meantime, proceeded to adopt the crowd Economic initiated by the combination of non-governmental organizations representing the Iraqi private sector and that got instructions extraordinary measures to facilitate the arrival of materials to the local market.

Mutual efforts

Chairman of the Securities Commission d. Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi said in his speech for the “morning”: that the efforts of the economic blessing the crowd and take a lot of positives in this time, as Taaddt government efforts and the private sector to maintain the levels of supply and demand away from any negative impact on the requirements of the Iraqi family.  He added that the local private sector represents new blood that will help revive the Iraqi economy, especially after he admitted his role constitutionally We live transition towards open market economy.

Economic crowd

He Saadi said efforts crowd Economic require to move institutions and organizations that adopt this approach according to their specific responsibilities and is aware of the duties placed on them, so you do not get the intersection of the tasks, pointing out that everyone works to keep the local market and make supply and demand balanced.

Exceptional measures

He praised the exceptional measures granted by the government to importers and their role in supporting the joints of economic action, as it leads to the stability of the economy, the family, which does not bear a major imbalance in the nature of prices and also maintains the stability of employment opportunities within the local markets.
And the importance of the initiative importers traders who work under the umbrella of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to reduce prices 20 percent, pointing out that they missed a lot of opportunity to those who wanted to fish in troubled waters and raise prices, but the wind was contrary.

For his part, Dr. Majid academic economic Baidhani the time is right because the role of the private sector take the process of providing food security after providing support to him by the ministries and government agencies.
He added Baidhani told (morning) that what is going through the country requires concerted all efforts to achieve food security and the prevention of any risks that may prevent this, calling the Ministry of Agriculture to provide the largest possible support to farmers for the purpose of providing all the crops that can be grown in Iraq and dispensing imported from neighboring countries.

Price indices

He pointed to the possibility of achieving it through recently launched initiative crowd Economic aimed to provide materials and goods in the markets as well as the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce to monitor the markets and identify indicators of prices for the foodstuffs. To the Minister of Trade Khairallah Hassan Babiker that the Ministry of Commerce has worked to produce flour Mills zero by the private sector through its support and provide for the production of Australian wheat flour zero fact the ministry has large quantities of wheat that will support their mills.
He said during a visit to one of the mills that civil Iraqi private sector was zero flour imported from neighboring countries, especially Turkey, including approximately 700 000 tonnes per year, adding that the ministry has a special program to produce flour zero under the circumstance that the country is going through. He noted that the ministry will be equipped with the owners of furnaces, bakeries and pastry flour zero and at a subsidized price to the price of the bag weighing 50 kg to 32 000 dinars.

Ration card items

The minister pointed to the role of the ministry and its efforts in this difficult phase in the provision of the ration card items, especially in areas where events military, as well as it will equip citizens share the ration during the holy month of Ramadan as it owns large amounts of wheat, domestic and imported to meet the needs of the country for a full year. Revealing that Mwanie southern Iraq is witnessing populous of ships laden vocabulary ration of rice, sugar, oil and the origins of various global as well as new contracts and continued to import food supplies.

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