Tighten Control Over Large Areas in Salah al-Din

Army thwarts schemes and it kills dozens Baghdad morning Tightened security forces control over many of the areas that saw the movements of individuals especially after enrollment battalions of volunteers to the battlefield, in response to a call home, and the implementation of the calls reference to jihad Ulkipaúa, something that has contributed remarkably to support the morale of the heroes of the armed forces, which yesterday managed to kill dozens of members of the  in Mosul, Salahuddin, Anbar and Babil, during battles involving the Army Aviation and the fight against terrorism, as well as the sons of the tribes Almentvdh. And continue with the approach hostile to members of  proceeded with those gangs to remove many of the cultural monuments and religious architecture in the province of Nineveh, in the image demonstrates the failure of those groups, which she did a few days ago to commit crimes against minorities, as well as the killing of imams who refused to pledge of homage.

Where A spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces team Qassim Atta said security forces had killed 52 terrorists and destroy Jlathm in Tikrit and Babylon. Atta said at a news conference that «the situation in Tal Afar is good, and that the security forces present in the elimination of a thwarted terrorist attacks and inflicted heavy losses Daash, stressing that« the performance of the security services and army aviation hero was wonderful ».
He explained that »the security forces present and progressed significantly in the direction of the firm of Samarra, Tikrit, accompanied by a fierce determination to purge conservative fighters». In turn, announced a counter-terrorism, the killing of 40 terrorists from «Daash» and destroy them with five wheels in Tikrit.

The CAA said in a press statement that «the force of the device, and in coordination with the Air Force was able, on Sunday hit a gathering of terrorists Daash Square Albu-Ajeel in Tikrit, killing 40 terrorists and destroy them with five wheels and burning bulldozer». In turn, the commander of Task Force expeditionary first Maj. Gen. Ibrahim al-Saadi would be an end to the existence of Daash in Anbar and Fallujah during the period of time a maximum of one month.
Saadi told the «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that «the band in the forty-controlled security events in Fallujah and Anbar and gangs Daash incur material losses and human«.

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