The Adaptation of Private Sector Factories for The Production of Kits Defeat Terrorism

BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb -Mustafa al-Hashemi Industrialists and specialists expressed their own abilities to raise the production capacity of their plants in line with the reality of the growing demand for food, arguing that most of the industrialists have declared their support for the security forces by supplying the local markets and the armed forces necessary nutrient.

Production Capacity

President of the Iraqi Federation of Industries Acting Ali Sabih pointed to the availability of productive capacities of quality to a lot of food and drinking water, pointing to the stand when the real capabilities of our production local, which is across the coefficient of the local private sector, which can cover 50-60 percent of the local market need.
He said in an interview for the “morning” that hundreds of laboratories competent to produce food are able to promote their production to higher levels than it is now, pointing out that in the event of high demand for our food could raise production to significant levels through continuous work Bojpti work or open new production lines.

Textile Mills

He pointed to the possibility of supplying the armed forces with the necessary equipment by raising the production capacities of the coefficient of textile work of running the local private sector, which increased demand for its products during the current period to the presence of large numbers of volunteers, noting that members of the Union confirmed their ability to cover a large proportion of domestic demand This kind of industries.
He pointed out that the activation of the local factories do wheel of economic reform that purports adopted country during the coming period, the current stage is to prove the real capacity of the private sector domestic industrial.

Support Markets

To the Chairman of Committee for Economic crowd d. Sami al-Araji, the work to create the requirements for the success of the local industries are able to support local markets for basic foodstuffs and the requirements necessary to support the basic needs of the armed forces.
He said unions can specialized professional to show the real potential of their potential by providing what could have in supporting local markets and the army in its war against terrorism, pointing to the importance of supporting the market, which is the hinterland of the battle, as well as services that can be provided directly to the army in the field.

Provide Materials

In this context, the researcher said that the economic state fair border crossings and ports has recently seen the entry trucks and ships carrying food from different origins to unload their cargoes in warehouses to meet the growing demand in the markets in the month of Ramadan.She just told (morning) that he does not fear running out of food from wholesale markets, because the entry of trucks loaded with continuous, and the commitment of traders and their contracts with the government led the purpose of the provision in the local markets. The holy month of Ramadan each year by the citizens and of the early preparations to purchase additional quantities of dry food and soft to receive Bmoa├║d variety for breakfast.

Army Support

And confirmed the presence of campaign contributions to the Army by wholesalers in the provision of food for the purpose of his support in the military campaign against terrorism, noting that efforts continue to be provided in the stores and then putting them on the wholesale markets for Atdaha owners of markets and small shops scattered in cities all. It showed that the ports of Basra witnessing sustained movement in the entry of ships loaded with the kinds of food to support the ration items, along with other materials imported by traders to supplement the Iraqi market in goods and various commodities.
Iraq has about 14 centers distributed between the customs border crossings between Iran and Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well as the air port “Baghdad International Airport” in addition to implementing the twin maritime ports of Umm Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair.
They pointed out that the fair wholesale markets have been witnessing a period of increasing demands to the shop by the small traders and shopkeepers on the occasion of the advent of the holy month.

Wholesale Markets

For his part, sees Khalil al-Jubouri, “shop owner” to provide food in the wholesale markets shares a lot in reducing the high prices, especially in the month of Ramadan, where families used to shopping for various canned meat and juices Ktqos to diversify traditional annual breakfast tables.
He added Jubouri in his speech (morning) that the movement of wholesale markets experiencing great shopping these days as the entry of new food and variety will contribute a lot in the market by supplying It is the specter of fear of scarcity and depletion of shops.

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