Economists Warn of The Lack of Tax Revenue in The General Budget

Experts stressed economy on the necessity of activating the decisions collects the money owed by the citizens and not to rely on imports of oil sales to the magnitude of the economic risks in the near term, while confirming the parliamentary Economic weakness in the collection of funds government revenue is the responsibility of the Ministries of Finance and Planning causing making budget unilateral side.

A member of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy Aziz Mayahi in an interview for the “long”, that “the revenue the government and private provision of public service to the citizens decreased dramatically after the change that took place in 2003 due to the cancellation of the government a lot of tax laws.”  “The control of the sale of oil returns on most of the Iraqi economy led to ignore the Internal Revenue ministries, public bodies and non-contribution to the federal budget, but to remember the proportions I said it.”

He explained that “the interference in the laws of the collection of taxes and dues governmental and non-application of the existing ones according to the spammers correct items and instructions from the window to make some compromise on their rights institutions imposed on the citizen.” He said the “Office of Financial Supervision is overseeing the operations of the exchange and the distribution of funds obtained by each institution and the importance of service.” He Mayahi that “the ministries of finance and planning are Almsalten for not activating the positive role of the national revenue through future planning healthy joints for each different government and determine the importance in providing the necessary service to the citizen and obtaining money from him in ways that professional and smooth.”  In turn, the economic expert Maytham coffee in an interview for the “long”, “The state revenues are divided into several types, including fees withheld institutions in exchange for some simple services such as price and issuing passports and other ID card in addition to financial penalties for the violation of citizens, the laws in force.”

He added that “all the money obtained by government institutions in various diversity thus returning to the central treasury of the State, through the Ministry of Finance, which is downstream and various revenue per distributor.”
He Laibi that “the law does not allow the money to dispose of before service institutions only after inclusion in the general budget of the tables get their share according to the instructions so special.”  He said “some service projects offered by the government are losing as a result of excesses in the exchange or the need to provide national product fits the economic situation of the citizen and the public knows the price as an existing project in the skins and clothing Najaf.”

The coffee that “fiscal revenue for government institutions do not represent only 3% of the total budget, while the sale of oil represents 97%, and that borne by the wrong policies of the government not to activate the tax laws enacted and indulgence  He noted that “the tax administration suffers from poor implementation and clear through the imposition of taxes and graphics on the category of public sector employees without accounting of the private sector and civil companies, generating financial debt is payable in the foreseeable future.”

He said that “some economically developed countries have introduced a lot of ways to collect taxes, including google and tax levied on companies as a result of communication and informatics offers advertising on their sites and green tax that deal with the environment and maintain a healthy level Excellent impose fees on older vehicles.”  In turn, an economist said Abbas Bahadli said in an interview with the “long” that “the government’s orientation toward unilateral economy, which depends heavily on oil and contributed significantly to the marginalization of the role of the Internal Revenue Service for the multiple aspects of the state.” He added that “the supervisory role in the activation of the tax laws would create a culture among citizens in cooperation with government agencies and the consequent pay dues to meet what he had enjoyed from the essential services provided by the State and are detailed and accurate.”

He explained that the “financial abundance enjoyed by the State as a result of high oil prices to Atdom forever and economic experiments previous many and should benefit from the diversification of ways of obtaining money through the creation of infrastructure and major projects offer a package of advanced services to meet drawings financial permanent.” He pointed out that “miscellaneous income to help supplement the budget large sums are invested in service projects, which manufactures integrated economic cycle.”

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