Specialist: Small and Medium Business Support Strategic Projects

 Serve the interests of the economy of the family   BAGHDAD – Hussein Tgb occupies the planning of great importance in building a robust economy through the promotion of effective in all production and service sectors gradually, where he drew an economist to the link between the economy of the family project economic biggest be adopted in the states. , and in this regard, said Knight Al-Rubaie said in an interview (morning) that the local economy needs to be a serious stand by the relevant government agencies and the private sector real shaping making the development of actual sectors suffer neglect for a long time, especially as the country has the capabilities of advancement.

And did when he called the importance of proper orientation which would achieve advancement in the desired objectives, through the development of talent working within the planning centers evolving global, indicating that proper planning is the most important pillars of the economic construction sector as well as the economy of the family which is linked to the success of strategic projects in the country. among the small and medium enterprises undertaken by the private sector, the real will be chock for projects of strategic large, where contribute to addressing many of the economic problems in the forefront of unemployment and underemployment, which burden the federal budget. economy is robust and the Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq.

Abdul Aziz Hassoun pointed out that building a strong economy requires a stand at the actual requirements each sector and work to study the possibility of development through careful planning can be carried out on the reality of the situation, pointing out that economic development requires the presence of a banking sector developed capable of providing services to international standards to companies that have a wide business in different countries, where we need to expand banking products according to Plans developed to achieve this goal, especially as the local scene began receiving branches of Banks advanced on a global level and regional level, which needs to be local banks compete. Rubaie returned to say that the global trade in economic blocs developed can be employed within the country, especially in the field of development of the productive sectors of the job in the forefront of the industrial and agricultural sectors, pointing out that major projects can provide for the State and that is cooperation with the public sector companies stalled and produced to achieve economic viability.

Research center either in the agricultural field has pointed out that the work it requires walking directions, inter alia, the rebirth of the Center for Agricultural Research specialized seed production by adopting technology seeds advanced that are part of the foundations of food security, as well as the development of livestock production through the transfer of international experiences achieved economic feasibility big ones experience kind that dealt with female sheep of genetic engineering sophisticated and make them give birth to three births per year and operate to make them twins means 6 births, for that matter of great importance in our country, which has the potential of economic advancement. environment marshes and noted al-Rubaie, at the conclusion of his speech to the importance of supporting the poultry sector and lakes Fish Baltqanat evolving away from the slums that bred them.

The Gaza poultry needs to encourage research medicine The vaccines are required in the process, either in a detailed fish farming then it is no different much where there farming methods developed can be invested in the expansion of water area in producing various kinds of fish, especially that the country has the potential of producing the best in the world where there is a great demand for them, and can be adopted as a source Mali permanent, where marsh areas are considered suitable environment for the production of fish, pointing out the importance of providing the necessary protection.


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