The Future of the Iraqi Economy

BAGHDAD – Yasser incumbent struck me see Analytical correct about the future directions of the Iraqi economy by Iraqi Commercial Attaché in Washington DC. Nofal Abu Barns Hassan in page views of the morning on 05.21.2014 to the contents of the reading closer to the course of things that passes Bhaaqtsadna National. Were oil revenues the focus of the subject and present certainly which is expected to reach 5 trillion dollars in the course of the year 2035, according to estimates by the global energy where the foundations of the writer to see in the light.

has focused Barns on the issue is very important concerning the management of the money that the requirements modernization of the system of financial, administrative and qualitative change of Bending legal and rehabilitation of new generations of cadres capable of managing the requirements of Iraq as a regional power and as an economic player is mounted in the energy markets and called indispensability put a government program bold economic reform, and concluded by saying we need to move from the cases of “diagnosis and propose solutions” to the stage “to speed up implementation.”

Well .. We will start from where it has ended, I’ve filled the bookshelves ministries and economic centers of the proposals and solutions without avail, did not leave economists state single treatment in the dictionary economic Walla Trkoha, meaning that the decision-makers and those responsible for the economic file in front of them mattresses wide range of diagnoses and proposals for solutions, what They only implemented to address the distortions and imbalances suffered by the economy.  All we need at this stage the new economic program and clear goals and directions and landmarks specifying the government approach the economic condition that is fully consistent with what was in the Constitution, because all previous attempts at economic reform, though traditional prosthesis, but consistent with the orientations of the market economy, and if it needs to be to pursue the program differently must be re-counting again.

eight any approach intersects with the transition of these will face significant challenges both at the regional level Awalaalmi because everyone rode the wave of transition from a dictatorship to a free economy, that of the This is contrary to the program Sictoa fire of the consequences of globalization, which turned the balance of economic theories and he obeyed them most, if not all the countries of the socialist camp and those experiences fastened on to pursue a market economy in the hardest countries in the world socialist, may be a transitional phase cause the effects of the shock of change but the results are quickly changing in favor of citizen provided that the reform program a deliberate and effective, according to economists, and in order to establish the economic program equal and in harmony with the requirements of the change we taking to see Abu Barns included renovation of the system of financial, administrative and change legal frameworks and qualification of human resources to realize their responsibilities in the role expected Iraq to be a strong player and regional power economic effective between the nations.

whether this trend is true, then the leadership of the economic file new find substantive solutions ready for all the challenges and problems facing transition and change, and they just speed up the implementation and Enough burning stages and the loss of opportunities and we move towards tomorrow economic bright texture potential and wealth of Iraq and its index forecast of the world’s future Baherbantzarh.

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