Safety: We look forward to Co-operation Based Anti-Money laundering

Iraq receives new Lebanese banksBaghdad morningDeveloped countries seek to build a better banking relationships with one another as a “bank” is the key to economic relations and its device to deal and trade and to achieve the required balance in the light.On the basis of this concept has expressed banks governor Riad Salameh, “a site that parallels the central bank governor” in terms of the management of the monetary authorities in the two countries, his country’s desire in collaboration with the Central Bank of Iraq in various areas of banking. Safety had been addressed businessmen participating in the forum, the Iraqi banking Lebanese organized by a group of Economics and Business at a chamber of the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut recently said, we look forward to cooperating with the CBI in the areas of banking profession after taking Lebanese banks discreet way to work in Baghdad, in Due to continuous expansion of the capital market posed by Iraq’s most promising of the gravity and the wealth of great investment opportunities.
He pointed to safety issues extremely important in the field of cooperation between the two countries, where he focused on the need to include this relationship for accuracy in banking transactions through banking supervision and strict second issue is the fight against money laundering as a basis for dealing with this issue is important in relationships.

He hinted that work with these conditions but requires the establishment of banks and branches according to the standards adopted and accepted by the monetary authorities in both countries have to deal with it properly and serve the economy and the banking sector in the two countries.He pointed out that the critical situation faced by the Arab countries because of the security situation and political instability, and said that we are interested in addressing the difficulties of the banking business in the shade through the adoption and implementation of international standards in banking and especially standards “Basel 3″Pointing out that they no “standards” exceeded the required internationally but must adhere to in order to establish confidence in dealing with the banks, whether in Lebanon or in Iraq.He said the governor of Banks in Lebanon Riad Salameh on another matter no less important than its predecessors the need to improve the relationship between banks and their customers to achieve stability Altzlafa on the one hand and to ensure that banking transactions other than the second Kalajdaat and withdrawals and facilities to other services offered by banks to customers. Told the designated driver safety its mission to the participants is to reveal the decision of the Central Bank of Lebanon to establish a unit for consumer protection arises when the Oversight Committee based its work on a resolution of the Central Council and aims to make sure that banks are ready to secure transparency and governance, as dealing equally with all customers.

Perhaps it is clear that these measures resulting from the long experience has led to the stability of Lebanon in cash and the pound stable when the exchange rate is clear and consistent, despite the situation and rumors that mean that the monetary authorities is that possess the key to the solution to all financial crises, while noting the safety of that in interest rates applicable are realistic and reflect the balances in the market, stressing the keenness of Lebanon’s central bank to provide liquidity to finance private and public benefits of the current with not allowing for the evolution of liquidity to threaten price stability.

In order that we may let’s urge the Iraqi banking sector to the example of the example of this experience saved by Lebanon’s economy as authorities monetary and fiscal Other are invited to take advantage of any “experience” and what good did the CBI openness to Lebanon Her experience and talent and chosen to organize this event for a group of Economics and Business, which had been provided the right atmosphere for success.

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