Industry Contracts with International Companies in Order to Improve Production Quality

Orientations to convert power transmission grids to ground cables  BAGHDAD – morning, The Director of the General Company for Electrical Industries Engineer Jaafar Mohammed Mossadegh directed the company to expand and develop partnership contracts signed with a number of international companies to support the electricity sector and to meet the needs of transformers and power stations.  He said in a press statement: The company’s four decades of partnership for the production of generators, transformers and Alkiosk and systems to extinguish fires and power plants to produce electrical energy operating heavy fuel (HFO) and aspires to expand these contracts to increase the products falling within these partnerships as well as increased rates of demand, production, and expressed his hope to develop the partnership contract private producing generators to additional contracts Dolly the company of electrical and expanded to include other products such as standards and generators Other special specifications and development contracts for systems of firefighters to increase the types of fire as the quality and quantity. added Jaafar said the company signed new contracts for the processing of the Directorate General of Industrial Development Bmahttin giant to generate electric power working heavy fuel ( HFO) in favor of the industrial cities in Dhi Qar and Basra, as well as the signing of contracts with the Oil Ministry to set up and equip foam container with early warning of fires and fire self-styled system of reservoirs of oil floating to the surface.

He said the company has set up a factory to assemble generators in collaboration with an international company that has a long tradition in the production of generators and assembled where started and since the year 2011 compiled generators with capacities of 13 KVA and up to 3 megabytes., And noted that the company implemented new contracts to supply generators with different capacities during this period at an estimated value three billion and five hundred million dinars, noting that he has been monitoring the need for the Ministry of Electricity to other products assigned to work in the distribution networks of electricity, especially that the ministry has mentioned plans to scrap electricity networks air to the large number of problems and replace Balkablwat ground to curb excesses on the electrical grid, so the company began planning for the expansion of the partnership contract with International Company for the purpose of producing and assembling these other products to support the electric power sector and this requires that the partner processing of new production lines and advanced mechanization and the creation of technical staff to carry out the work.

He stressed that partnerships with the private sector contributed to the development of the work of the company through the transfer of expertise and technology, and personnel training in the mother countries on the designs and manufacture of the product as well as to bring production lines modern calling at the end of his speech the need to support the industry by tightening controls at border crossing points and subjecting imported products to the test and quality control and emphasis on the purchase of products from the government sector.

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