Russia Signed a Memorandum of Understanding to Explore for Oil West of the Euphrates

Announced Russian Lukoil giant excavations and the oil industry, signed in conjunction with the Russian oil company Zarpsonaft, joint memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi company for excavations on the possibility of a detection geologist on the board of oil west of the Euphrates.

Said Lukoil said in a statement, “is now conducting a survey on the board oil west of the Euphrates extended to an area of 17 thousand square kilometers, and then a decision is made ​​to prepare a draft contract for the project, “pointing out that the company Zarpsonaft will serve as a partner Rossi with Lukoil.”

She Lukoil in its statement that it “looks forward to the potential contribution in a tender for the project Nasiriyah integrated in partnership with the state oil company Russian Zarpsonaft, “indicating that” the project of Nasiriyah integrated is the development of an oil field and the establishment of an oil refinery in it.

“For his part, Executive Director of the company and the sole Alakbarov, quoting the statement that” it is expected to take place round The second talks about the project with the Iraqi government this summer. “

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