Electoral Commission: The Rate of Participation in the Special Ballot 91%

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News /.. The electoral Commission announced the rate of participation in the special ballot to elect the Iraqi Council of Representatives in 2014 , reaching 91% , as confirmed by the success of the ballot card and electronic check your mail.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Mr. Mustafa Rashid Serbst during a conference held by the Commission in the presence of Vice-President of the Board of Commissioners Kata Zobaie and head of the electoral administration Miqdad Sharifi said the election went smoothly and good success using the electronic card and checking devices.
He added that the turnout started well on polling stations allocated for your vote and taken to escalate with the passage of the daylight hours until the expiration date of the ballot at exactly six in the evening , stressing that the success of the Office of Special vote is an important step of the electoral process for the rest of the slides in the thirtieth of this April In turn, the Vice President of the Board of Commissioners Kata Zobaie that first day and the second day of mid voters abroad saw the participation of 109 572 and the first two states where voting seemed New Zealand , Australia and the number of agents in 1432 , and 394 members of the media were received 55 complaints .

For his part, the head of the electoral administration Miqdad Sharifi said the turnout in the special voting amounted to 91% and the number of agents of political entities 626 thousand and 170 thousand local observers and a number of local journalists and foreign observers 4800 and 2100 the number of actors on the international media 96 media .
He added that the number of polling stations to vote your amounted to 542 centers to the number of voters of the security forces 1,000,023 associates the sound of them 835 000 members who voted in prisons and hospitals, 19 thousand were open 36 centers and 84 station and prison inmates 24 centers and 60 stations. Ended


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