Railways Ready to Transport Goods

BAGHDAD – Mustafa al-Hashemi Called the General Company for Railways, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Transport, ministries and government departments to transfer their goods different from which as a national carrier of the country. Said Director of Information Company Abdul-Sattar al-Gharawi told (morning): The line port stronghold – Basra – Baghdad achieve shipments of vocabulary ration for the Ministry of Commerce, noting that continuous work in the transfer of various goods to traders and the public sector as well as the presence of vehicles refrigerated world-class designed to transport food from the port to Baghdad and the provinces. confirmed that the company the possibility of transferring large amounts of any products and goods to the diversity of the vehicles for transport, explaining The company’s vehicles pelvic dedicated to transport petroleum products along with carts of goods and other materials.

Explained that rail transport investigating the feasibility of the Beneficiary, whether a private sector or years because it ensures quick access and safety of goods from damage that might happen due to be trucked to the rugged some main roads link between provinces, indicating that the adoption of the ministries of transport by rail contributes to the benefit of both sides and to maximize the company’s resources. According to Wikipedia, it has formed the first administration of the railways in Iraq in September of 1916 and was then under the control of the British army.

Then I moved to a civilian administration British in 1920 and then to have turned to the Department of Iraqi civilian on April 16, 1936 AD, and which has become a holiday railway Iraq after negotiations took place between the British government and the Iraqi government to transfer ownership of the railroad to Iraq was agreed to be paid by the Iraqi government $ 400 thousand dinars, Vtm it, and it became (Railway Iraqi government) have linked the Ministry of Transport and Works and approved the agreement on April 16 1936.


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