Gold Rises to Highest Level in 3 Months Because of the Violence in Iraq

 BAGHDAD / JD / .. Gold rose to its highest level in three months on Tuesday, boosted after the fall of the dollar and the worsening violence in Iraq, the appeal of the precious metal, which has increased the flow on a larger fund, backed with gold. According to the report, told Reuters: Gold climbed in online transactions to 1332.10 dollars per ounce, its highest level since the twenty-fourth of March, and by the time 0621 GMT, gold settled at 1327 dollars per ounce.

Gold climbed about one percent in the previous session. And record the yellow metal’s second consecutive quarterly gains in the quarter ended on Monday and it was June the best month for gold since February. And increased gold’s appeal on Tuesday with the arrival of the dollar to its lowest level in seven weeks against a basket of major currencies in doubt influenced by the strength of the recovery in the U.S. economy. Gold also found support in requests to buy it as a safe haven from political tensions. Iraqi forces have fought battles to take out the fighters of the Islamic State of  Tikrit.

The Ukrainian president said on Tuesday, Petro Poroshenko said government forces renew offensive operations against the rebels loyal to Russia, “and the liberation of our lands” and, hours after the expiration of a cease-fire aims to make way for peace talks with the rebels.The back side of a large gold gains, which amounted to 10 percent since the beginning of the year to tensions in Ukraine and Iraq.

Silver rose in online transactions 0.3 percent to $ 21.03 an ounce.Platinum fell 0.1 percent, to 1479.1 dollars per ounce while palladium rose 0.2 percent to 841.7 dollars per ounce.

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