Maysan Oil Accomplish «jaw 10» Capacity of 2000 Barrels Per Day

Baghdad’s new morning: Maysan Oil Company announced, on Monday, for the completion of wells «jaw 10» oil card up to 2,000 barrels per day, indicating that the revitalization of the well was completed during the period of 28 days.

The general director of Maysan Oil Company Ali Qubool Bahadli in a press statement, said that «Kul Chinese company completed the well completion operations humorous / 10 in one field of loose change fields Maysan Oil Company, 100 km east of the province of Maysan».

He Bahadli, «has been opened well card up to 2,000 thousand barrels per day». He went on to say, that «completions operations included the replacement of the production crew and re-perforating class oil producer and the payment of landing bridges», indicating that «reviving the well was completed during the period of 28 days».

Taatnj fields and Missan Oil Company an average of 235 thousand barrels per day, and it is hoped to reach production of about one million barrels per day after completion of the development processes of the major fields in the beginning of 2017.

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