Maliki: We Regained the Lead

Security forces preparing to enter Mosul .. and meeting national symbols and emphasizes the unity of Iraq, Baghdad morning Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in the storming of the plot strands «Daash» the city of Mosul, crept from the political process to the security forces. The completed these forces preparations to enter the city of Mosul after they cleared the entire Afar. stressed the Commander in Chief of the armed forces in his weekly yesterday that »Iraq is facing terrorism and will drop the plot against him, and will ignite the countries that do not want the best for Iraq wars and waves of sectarian». noted that what happened in Mosul represents the plight of the setback, saying «We have started the reaction and take the lead and direct blows to the terrorists in the light of the high morale and tell them this is the Iraqi people and that he will not relapse and will not give up and hear the Saudi media and the country and some of the flags of Arab States describe those they rebels forgetting They’re in a country where the worst kinds of sectarianism and marginalization and cancellation »,

Explaining that the retrenchment of some political parties provided the climate poor and the conditions for gangs Daash terrorist». preparing the security forces to enter the city of Mosul, and cleared of terrorists gangs «Daash» after he seized control of the entire number of the revival spend Afar military campaign disinfectant and wide, according to a security source, yesterday. was the commander of military operations in Tal Afar, Major General Abu Walid had vowed, yesterday, the elimination of Daash terrorist in Iraq, stressing that the Afar will spearhead to purge all areas of Mosul. For his part, called the National Forum the symbols of the political, which was held in the late hours of Tuesday, to review the march past political and straightened and its commitment to the Constitution and laws ‘for the purpose of reassuring everyone’, and the achievement of social justice and establish a state on the base, warning of a rumor distinction between citizens on the basis of their ideological differences, nationality, said President of the Alliance National Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in a statement read out after a meeting of the National Forum of the symbols of political.

The ‘blocs National various trends decided that the surveillance described and forget about their differences and put the concerns of national and public security concern, especially above all other considerations in the priorities of concerns’. further details … said Prime Minister Nuri Maliki that what happened in Mosul is the result of the infiltration of filaments political conspiracy to security forces, pointing out that the process of the reaction are now starting under the rallying popular witnessed in Iraq. Maliki said in his weekly and got “morning,” a copy of which said: “There is a test of wills supported of external forces targeting Iraq emerged gangs seeking opportunities for robberies, that what happened to the continuation of the process of distorting facts in naming terrorists “Daash” rebel clans and the owners’ demands and they are, in fact, abuse of Iraqi Tribes because the sons of the tribes are the sons of the Iraqi people and steadfast, “pointing that “the sons of the Iraqi tribes will not accept sabotaging the country and the spread of the manifestations of looting and killing college students and military all criminal practices pursued by the” Daash “terrorist” and called the sons of the tribes “repudiate all those who belong to gangs”  “terrorist.”

He added that “what happened in Mosul was a shock because the Iraqi army is not weak-kneed and design, but the filaments conspiracy crept from the political process into the machines and security leaders.” and between “we were able to repel the strike and to stop the state of psychological deterioration that hit the general public and the armed forces brave through reorganization and volunteered thousands of Iraqi people of all sects, “stressing that” the process of the reaction are now starting under an atmosphere of escalation popular, to say this is the Iraqi people, steadfast, united people Psonth and Shiites and Cart and Cardh. ” and explained that “there is political practices issued by the group parties that do not want the good of the Iraqi people and Iraq. ” and stressed the need to “regain control of the security services through supporting the Iraqi people,” stressing that “fatwa religious authority in Najaf represented graciously Ali al-Sistani” long live “confirms the seriousness of the crisis, which Iraq is going through and that the fatwa does not target range or component of a certain but is covering all spectrums of the Iraqi people, “adding that” the fatwa religious authority has increased in our resolve and our challenge for the attack that the country faces. “

However, “The administrative system began to receive volunteers, where they will be staking Iraqi army because they had entered the army will of the doctrine high. ” stressing take “military decisions to separate officers defeatists and hold negligent that what happened in Mosul was planned to him beforehand and he planned a regional held his meetings and organized a media war large and in collaboration with a number of local political forces.” and added ” We are confident that the Iraqis toppling of terrorism, while bound to erupt countries countries supporting a fire that ignited in Iraq through internal wars, “pointing out that” we are facing minds backward and religious edicts irresponsible. “

And explained that “what happened is a catastrophe and a setback and not every calamity defeat and Iraq regained its sense of national unity in the crisis experienced by no beneficiary of the deterioration of security is organizing “Daash” terrorist and those who do not want Iraq good. ” and pointed out that “Iraq is beyond the stage of the elections and will now stage selection presidency of the parliament and to identify the biggest bloc for its candidate for the post of prime Minister. ” and expressed “optimism tended to him, including the political blocs and leave the side issues and emphasize the necessity of defeating terrorism and support the political process in Iraq.”

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