Banks will See Another Global Banking Applications in 2015

Abdel Basset Turki: confident a promising future and is close to our economy BAGHDAD – morning seeks CBI to improve the banking system to refineries global banks, these Gleam was the province of d. Abdel Basset Turki, speaking to financial experts, business and investment in Lebanon and Iraq in the forum banking organized by the group Economics and Business in Beirut recently. Turkish identified the period between the end of the year “2014″ and the mid-Aam “2015″ as the date because the infrastructure of the banking system of the Iraqi completely unprepared to receive all the modern services and advanced in the last application of banking in the world pointing to the support of the Council of Ministers to this trend of by approving a system of banking and coincided with the issuance of the law of electronic signature.

Between Turkish establishment of the Central signed a number of agreements are in the service of this goal orientation, especially in infrastructure, retail and credit cards where they are linking electronic all branches with the center in addition to the payments system advanced, which employs Central Bank. said: It is time for moving the banking work to allow all to contribute to the reconstruction, especially that the solvency of the banks have become able to play an active role to put them at the disposal of investors calling for a return to the traditional role of banks in the monitoring of individual savings to be put at the disposal of the investor expressing gratitude for the participation of a team of investment authorities in the provinces and workers in the stock market despite the fact that the forum dedicated to the men of finance and business reinforces the role expected to be submitted by the banks to investors.

Turkish focused on the issue is very important in terms of opening the door open in front of the investment opportunities big on condition that this opportunity will be locked completely and wide in the banking sector calling on them to demonstrate the efficiency and seriousness of the biggest of its current. did not fail the Governor of the Central d. Abdel Basset Turki talking about Alalaqt economic ties between Lebanon and Iraq, especially in the fields of banking, where he said: We found that Iraq and Lebanon are fully ready now longer pioneers in region in the banking industry, pointing out that the opening to the Lebanese banks to their presence in Iraq will promote this goal on condition that the banks are willing to enter into Iraq has seriously and efficiently and classified by her to contribute to the transfer of expertise needed by the Iraqi banking system. praised the role played by the Economics Group and business in the organization of this forum, calling for action to transform the recommendations into the ground to document this relationship to end achieving active participation and joint expressing his hope that the association of private banks in Iraq and the Association of Banks in Lebanon, a group of Economics and Business perpetuating these forums periodically so as to ensure continuous communication. concluded d.

Abdel Basset Turki speech by saying we are confident that the future of the Iraqi economy in the near future is very promising and we are confident the efficient management of the business and the money men of Lebanese to work together for the advancement of the role of the Iraqi banking system to support the programs of reconstruction and investment to achieve sustainable development.

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