Larijani Shaways: Iraqi Elections Constitute a Model for other Countries

Tehran calls to raise the volume of trade with Baghdad to 20 billion dollars of Baghdad, Sabah Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways and government delegation accompanying him on a visit to Tehran with the head of the Islamic Shura Council Ali Larijani bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields. Was Shaways arrived back yesterday to Tehran accompanied by a delegation high-level government official visit to Iran to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries in the political, economic, trade and ways of enhancing them. At the news was briefed by the «morning» that «Larijani and during his meeting with the Iraqi delegation described a recent parliamentary elections in Iraq with the participation of majority of Iraqi people an indication of the growth and consolidation of democracy in this country, where they can form a model for other countries ».

pointed Larijani ties cultural and historical between the two countries, saying: «This ties the historical and religious to the people of the two countries have provided a suitable platform for the development of friendly relations between the two sides» adding that » Majlis has a positive vision towards enhancing political and economic relations and cultural ties with Iraq ». Confirmed Iranian official «continuation of the path of the development of economic cooperation and enhance the level of trade and address the problem of the environment in the region and remove obstacles banking for the presence of traders the two countries more and more».  For his part, Vice-President Iraqi Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways «Iran as from neighboring countries the most trusted of Iraq, and there are opportunities for political, economic and cultural enormous in both countries and should lead to the development of friendly relations between them through the implementation of the agreements and the continuation of the talks».

said Shaways to «the efforts of the Iraqi government to restore security and stability in the Iraq «indicating that« across the political spectrum and the Iraqi people are trying to lay the security and political stability and the Iraqi government will continue to fight against terrorist groups, to eliminate it altogether »saying« continue talks and consultation between political leaders and parliamentarians of both countries in the field of bilateral issues and regional and international ». Called on Iran to raise the volume of trade exchange between them and Iraq to 20 billion dollars, stressing the need to strengthen bilateral relations and promote economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Was agreed this case each of the first vice president of the Iranian Isaac Jhangere and Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs Ali Tayyip Nia, who met the delegation of Iraqi government headed by Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways. According to a statement issued by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, and seen by the «morning», that «Shaways met in Tehran Ali Tayyip Nia Minister of Economy and Finance of Iran, to discuss areas of mutual cooperation and strengthening economic relations between the two countries and the prospects for development and overcome the obstacles and difficulties ». confirmed Shaways that the two neighboring peoples ties with profound political, historical and social.

For his part, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Tayyip Nia: The «economic cooperation between Iran and Iraq has reached more than 12 billion U.S. dollars last year which includes transit and exports of electricity and gas from Iran to Iraq, exports of technical and engineering services ». Stressed that «Iran does not place restrictions against development of economic relations with neighboring countries and the volume of trade of goods non-oil between Iran and Iraq has reached $ 6 billion over the past year».  Noted to the importance of the role and place of cooperation in the fields of banking, insurance and specifications to facilitate economic and trade relations between militants valuable economic and trade fields in Iran and Iraq, noting that «no restrictions in the policy of the Islamic Republic in Iran’s foreign to the development of relations with neighboring countries, especially with Iraq».

, and this is also what confirmed by the First Vice President of Iran Isaac Jhangیra, which approved its predecessor, the importance of raising the trade exchange between Iran and Iraq from 12 billion dollars as it was in the past year to more than 20 billion dollars.  At the news was briefed by the «morning», he said Jhangیra during his meeting with the Iraqi delegation necessity the consolidation of bilateral relations, noting it in continuous progress, and that the energies and the economic potential of the two countries complement each other. Adding that «Iran is ready to offer its expertise to Iraq in the construction sector in the areas of technical and engineering, scientific and technical», adding that «the volume of trade exchange between Iran and Iraq reached about $ 12 billion over the past year and this figure is those few because of the potential of great economic of the two countries, it is necessary to work to raise the volume of bilateral trade to more than 20 billion dollars ».

gave Iranian Vice President «congratulations to the Iraqi delegation on the occasion of the success of the parliamentary elections in Iraq», stressing The «vote widespread election indicator political maturity of the Iraqi people and the democratic process established in Iraq», praising «the efforts of the Iraqi government in the establishment of the elections on time and in accordance with international standards».  Adding that «the broad participation of the Iraqi people in the elections, contribute to, and as well as the consolidation of the foundations of democracy The sovereignty of the people and to support and promote unity among the people and political currents, in accelerating the process of construction and reconstruction and isolate extremists ».

said First Deputy President of the Republic «the situation in sensitive region and the escalation of the activities of extremist groups and terrorist», saying «the need to seek the international community to prevent support for extremism». Would be During his visit, the delegation held talks to enhance cooperation frameworks of economic and commercial drafts, especially the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment and avoidance of double taxation and a memorandum of understanding in the field of customs and standardization and quality control and other files of common interest.

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