Karbala Receive 14 Japanese Automatic Cleaning in Preparation for the International Festival of the Province

Follow-up – and babysit – The Directorate of the Municipality of Karbala, about 14 receive automatic cleaning large Japanese out of 115 under a contract between the province and one of the local companies.

The Director of Information municipal Majid Naji, in a press statement, “The Department of the Municipality of Karbala received 14 mechanism of large type Hyundai to clean up the streets within its contract local government over a year ago with a local company specializing in the management sector of hygiene and waste,” noting that “the decade includes the processing of the Directorate of Municipal 115 specialized mechanism at a cost of 20 billion Iraqi dinars. “

“The municipality has allocated a fleet of mechanisms Kalcansat and Alcabsat wheels truck in addition to the deployment of thousands of waste containers and plastic bags, to campaign cleaning major will be launched early next week, to clean up the streets, the main and branch, bridges, parks and median islands and lifting debris to landfills health in preparation for the festival day of Karbala “.

He pointed out that “Karbala municipality will adopt the latest technologies in the field of monitoring whether or mechanisms for employees to follow the movement and ensure the continuity of movement and work for two shifts.


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