Governor of Maysan Announce the Assignment of 48 Projects to Implementation

Baghdad – and babysit – The Governor of Maysan Ali Douai, on the transfer of 48 of the project included the implementation of service projects and a strategy for the sectors of education, electricity, water, roads and bridges across the province.

The governor said in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it, that “the projects referred by a total cost of 33 billion and 383 million dinars, which included the construction of a number of schools spread over the districts and areas of the province,” he said, adding, “Also included in the projects referred to implementation new water networks in the neighborhood of the martyrs and the Liberals in the district and village Kahla Open in the front and eliminate the East and a number of villages in the hand Kumait and water and set up a network in the area of ​​behavior in Uzair. “

He pointed to “the rehabilitation of the electrical grid villages Alzhibat in terms of peace and the electrification of all of the village master Mnehl inspired peace in the district auspicious and villages of Beit Mizel in Mr. Ahmed Rifai and village long and high in hand Kumait and rehabilitation of feeder dairy and electric grid in al-Salam neighborhood in the auspicious and electrification Alsvigi in slasher and breaker Uzair and villages in Alfrejat in favor of Castle Hotel and feeding electricity Carmk investment. “

He Douai, “also included a number of projects such as the establishment of them scattered green squares and residential apartments for doctors as well as the preparation of study designs md water lines complex architecture and large bridge for cars in Kumait.”

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