Iraq’s Oil Exports Fall in March Because of Pipeline Sabotage

She said the Iraqi Oil Ministry said on Thursday that the country’s oil exports fell to 2.39 million barrels per day on average in March , down from a record level of 2.8 million barrels per day in February due to repeated acts of vandalism suffered a pipeline in the north of the country . The ministry added that it was exported 2.37 million barrels per day from the ports of Basra , while halted exports from the Kirkuk oilfields in the north, in the month of March, almost entirely due to insurgent attacks targeting vector pipeline to Turkey .

I stopped and repair work in the pipeline Kirkuk – Ceyhan due to insurgent attacks and resulted in the deaths of Tfjerathm technicians were sent to repair the line , which ceased operations in the continuation of a longer interruption since the days of sanctions in the nineties . The ministry said in a statement on its website that the oil revenues of $ 7.5 billion in March, with an average selling price of $ 101.036 per barrel .

He estimated an official from the South Oil Company ‘s state-run earlier this month, the highest average level of exports from Basra at 2.424 million barrels per day .

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