IQD is The Most Selling Currency in World – Do You Agree?

With more than 40% of per year economic growth, Iraq dinar is one of the most attractive and most selling currencies of the world. The growth rate of the Iraqi economy is more than any other developing country of the region. The economists are so hopeful for its economy and expecting so positive results for Iraq and its economy in the near future. Buy and sell Iraqi dinar business is at its peak due to expected revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

The graph for buying and selling of Iraqi dinar is higher than the previous years in dinar history due to the announcement of the revaluation process in Iraq. The revaluation process will be completed by the end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015, according to the finance committee of Iraq. For the preparation of the general elections and due to some economic reasons, Iraq could not complete this process in the March 2014 as it was announced by the finance committee of Iraq and now it will be completed at the beginning of 2015.

The year 2015 is the most suitable time for Iraq to complete this process. The central bank of Iraq was demanding that revaluation process should be delayed by 2015 as the central bank was not ready to make sudden changes in the economic system of Iraq and it was facing the inflation and money laundering issues in the country. The government of Iraq was not ready to impose its decision over other institutions of Iraq therefore it accepted the suggestions made by the central bank of Iraq to delay the process of revaluation of dinar by 2015. Iraq is also waiting for results of five years economic policies in Iraq that is producing better results for Iraq. If Iraq would be able to achieve its oil export targets for 2015, dinar will automatically be improved in the international market.

Iraq has applied for the membership of world trade organization and after this membership Iraqi dinar will be traded worldwide without any restriction. There is the strong relationship between Iraqi dinar revaluation and membership of world trade organization. After membership of world trade organization, dinar can only be traded in the global market when its value is compatible with the other currencies of the world. So Iraq will have to revalue its currency as it got membership in world trade organization. As a future plan Iraq will trade with other countries of the world in its home currency except dollars or any other foreign currency. This will give hype to the value of the dinar internationally and all of those countries those are dealing with Iraq will have to manage enough reserve of Iraqi dinar in their central banks. All of these points give to the sale of Iraqi dinars in the world and it is being traded like hot cakes.

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