Iraqi Ports: The Completion of the Project the Eastern Port of Faw in Basra by 70%

Follow-up – and babysit – The Director of the Iraqi ports Captain Imran Radi, on Friday, announced the arrival of percentage of completion of the project the eastern port of Faw to 70%, while noting that work is continuing by Korean companies Daewoo and Ardekon Aleonaana until the completion of the project.
Radi said in a press statement, “The percentage of completion of work on a port of Faw in the eastern province of Basra, and reached 70% after placing breakwater.”

He added that “the work is still ongoing in the project by Korean companies Daewoo and Ardekon Aleonaana, especially in the scanning area of ​​the remnants of war and that the work did not stop until the completion of the project.”

The Department of Transportation has developed, in April 2010, the foundation stone for the port of Faw, which contains, according to his designs basic set by the consulting firm Italian on container terminal length of 39 thousand square meters, and the pier last another length of 2,000 meters, as well as an arena for storage containers with an area of ​​more than a million square meters, and other multi-purpose arena area of ​​600 square meters, with a capacity of maximum port 99 million tonnes per annum. X, Y

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