Energy Parliamentary Calls on the Government to Investigate the Cause of the Kurdistan Smuggling Oil to Israel

Follow-up – and babysit – called a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Rehab Alabboudh, Friday, the federal government to open an investigation into the issue of “Kurdistan smuggling oil to the Israeli entity,” asserting that the insistence of the Kurdistan on oil exports confirms the correctness of what has been published on the subject.
Alabboudh said in a press statement, “The government’s insistence on Kurdistan oil export report underlines the fact that” Reuters “on Kurdistan oil smuggling to the Israeli entity.”

She added that “the Kurdistan Regional Government held legally responsible if the entire story is true and proven, and there is evidence of smuggling oil to Israel.”

Alabboudh called “the federal government to form a committee comprising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and oil to pursue the case and submit its report to the House of Representatives and the public to take sanctions against the Kurdistan.”

The news reports published by the agency “Reuters” Friday (May 16, 2014), revealed Israel to join the list of countries growing buyer of crude oil from Kurdistan in ways that “illegal”, while confirming that Israel got four shipments of crude oil from Kurdistan through this year. X, Y

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