Governor of Babylon lays Foundation Stone “for the Largest Plant in the Middle Euphrates” to Purify Wheat Seed

Follow-up – and babysit – put the governor of Babylon honest Royal, the foundation stone for the project “the largest plant in the Middle Euphrates” to purify the seeds of wheat at a cost of more than two billion dinars, “and among that will provide peasants with seeds of wheat examined and clean instead of receiving them from the neighboring provinces, revealed that he will be today Thursday, signing with a Chinese company on the project, surveillance cameras at $ 35 billion dinars.

Royal said in a press statement, said that “the executing agency for the project purification plant seeds of wheat processing, will be implemented and analyzed, and the card runs purification of grain and 5 tons at a cost of two billion seven hundred and ninety-two thousand dinars.”

He added that he “will take place on the land of Abu sinking silo for grain and entrepreneurship for seven months,” and urged the company implemented a “commitment to the contract signed between them and the local government of the importance of the project for the province.”

And between Royal, that “the province in dire need of the project being an agricultural city and is famous for the cultivation of wheat, barley, corn, and this lab will provide the peasants for the first time to preserve the seeds of wheat examined and clean instead of going to the neighboring provinces of receipt of the revised grain.”

He disclosed that “this week will witness the signing of contracts over $ 52 billion dinars for the processing mechanisms specialized departments of municipal and service,” pointing out that “today, Thursday, will be signed with a Chinese company on the project of surveillance cameras in the amount of 35 billion dinars after a long wait lasted more than three years In addition to a variety of service projects will be signed soon. “

On his part, the Director of the Division of the Centre’s projects Ahmed requirement in a press statement, said that “the local government signed a contract before the period with Iraqi companies to implement the largest plant Balafrat East and the second plant in Iraq is a laboratory purification wheat seed and will hand over the entire project end of this year,” explaining that ” The lab is the origin of modern technology and the Italian area of ​​2000 square meters in addition to the two stores, including capacity per thousand square meters and an open courtyard with a capacity of ten thousand square meters. “

He’s demand that “the beneficiary company Mesopotamia public seed has a special significance for the province of Babylon, being the province of agricultural primarily will benefit the peasants, farmers, and reduce the burden for them to travel to the provinces adjacent to the receipt of the seed revised and with a high degree of convalescence.”

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