Cultivation of Babylon Announces Marketing Approximately 95 Thousand Tons of Wheat Crop

Follow-up – and babysit – Agriculture Department announced the province of Babylon, that what has been marketed wheat crop to warehouses of the Ministry of Commerce for the current season was approximately 95 thousand tons, while expected to reach the same marketing year to 170 thousand tons.

Said Director of Agriculture Babylon Hussein Hassoun, in a press statement, “The company stores the grain in Babylon received the limit today 93 112 tonnes of wheat crop, and is still the marketing process continues,” he said, adding that “the quantity marketed during the past year was 126 thousand tons “.

He added that “the national program adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture for the development of wheat yielded significantly,” noting that “the language of the figures confirm that an increase of 75%, where the marketing of wheat a year (2012) of 70 thousand tons, while the amount expected marketed this year (2014) 170 thousand tons. “

He said Hassoun, that “specific weight also increased from 70 to 80, meaning an increase in the yield of wheat crop dunam,” noting that “the national program for farmers provided all the requirements of the success of the Iraqi campaign of farming pesticides and oversee all of which provide for free.”

He explained that “the Directorate provided the farmer seeds certified and optimized with a high degree, was distributed to this year’s 3,000 tons, while the distribution of 1,500 tons over the past year,” noting that “the province participated by 150 thousand acres for the cultivation of the crop and opened during the current year six people, especially after the participated last year to 55 thousand acres.”

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