Economic Commission for the Crowd a Chance to Return to the Market of Production

Analytical vision Baghdad Yasser incumbent  Initiative of private industry in response to an invitation to form a committee crowd Economic revealed mettle inherent and precious and counted him in the national positions Kdabrzat relative importance enjoyed by the sector in the process of construction and reconstruction, and reflected in the face of the attack on the home address of the location of the attack terror against Iraq.

This phenomenon and as I said has represented the selfless enjoyed by private industry where ridiculed all their resources and abilities and knowledge in the service and maintenance of military vehicles and try to adapt and transform its factories for this purpose, although it Off for competitive reasons in the costs of manufacturing and the tyranny of importing them a monopoly on the commercial market.

For that we say that the position denial of because they have not heeded the calls that launched with the aim of support to no avail, and now it has lined up the men of the private sector to cope with the onslaught against Iraq to sustain the momentum of the crowd National towards strengthening its capacity in the face of demand for meeting the basic needs of the materials for the market Canned food and commercial Karezag battle to the army.

We believe that this initiative will be the cause for some of those who did not realize the importance of the private sector Aoikll of importance to be sure that no alternative of involving the private sector in the economic policy of the country and his leadership of the rings productivity thanks to its accumulated experience, but disabled for several reasons, including the electricity sector and the lack of effective protection law Product National.

Thus ratified the vision that had economists talking about constantly assert that choosers in achieving economic reform without reference to the private sector and the importance of leadership to manage the economic profile of these positions except they represent the spirit of the Iraqi National they reflect the importance of this sector in the circumstantial war and peace.

This courageous stand for the private sector in a matter of adversity but require us to give back so to speak to this sector by giving him a chance to prove to exist in the case of peace and hindsight crisis this after defeating enemies and their expulsion from the country, despite the fact that this opportunity is not Bmenh on one but the men of the private sector are the sons of Iraq Just as their duties in the days of adversity and others they will have their rights also in the days of peace.

Perhaps this initiative and stand bridges to the private sector and mobilize the the face without looking at the advantages and privileges but requires them to sustain this role of self-reliance and capabilities available to demonstrate the leadership role for the country’s economy in the future, and that this circumstance detect metal inherent to the people of Iraq fervent in Altnacha to address the risks that passes by .

Perhaps it is useful to refer to the crowd Economic Committee, chaired by Dr.. Sami al-Araji, where is the breakthrough towards the discovery of potential Webmasters benevolent and endowed by the broken and ridiculed all the capabilities to defend Iraq’s Aziz and got up from the slumber and Tekzat including largesse of possibility and adapted in the service of the nation.

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