Businessmen Donate in Support of the Security Forces

After the provision of foodstuffs in the market prices collaborative BAGHDAD – Farah pumice Perform the Federation of Iraqi businessmen in all its branches campaign donations and aid to supplement the Iraqi army and new volunteers, as well as displaced families from the provinces and the hot spots, according to the president of the Union Reza Ragheb Blibl “morning”, stressing the continuation of the campaign until we achieve victory over terrorism.

Various Aid

He Blibl in a statement the “morning”: that “the trend in because the participation of members of the Union of businessmen are part of a sense of responsibility and duty towards the country,” noting that the branches of the Union in the provinces are going in the same approaches as there are a large number of businessmen continue In this campaign, in aid of food in large trucks, as well as provide financial assistance to displaced families in many provinces. The President of the Union that many entrepreneurs who are able to bear arms volunteered to defend the country against terrorist attacks, which affected several areas, indicating that the campaign carried out by the Union is still going up to improve the overall situation.

Prices Collaborative

As for the prices of goods and commodities Blibl has pointed out that the Union issued a statement in recent weeks in light of the high prices of goods and commodities, to all its branches and to traders and importers to make intensive efforts to provide what it needs citizens and cooperative prices. He added that “a lot of businessmen belonging to the European Union have made ​​great efforts in the provision of goods and commodities to feed the market and what you need at prices less than the former, adopting such a step on his shoulder, as well as equipping the armed forces with food and other supplies, they need. The endowed with thousands of Iraqis from all provinces to volunteer in the ranks of the security forces after a fatwa religious authority governance, Ulkipaúa jihad and the necessity to defend Iraq and its people.


In turn, saw an economic expert, Dr. Peace Sumaisem fundraising campaigns that require the arrangement and commitment to the concept of social solidarity and efforts by arranging a specific destination or specialized committees.
She called on the media to educate the awareness campaigns citizen principle of solidarity and social solidarity, also urged affluent citizens to provide social assistance to the displaced families, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, what ails the difficulties, through the preparation of a full food basket.
It showed that Sumaisem legal and legislative frameworks exist to provide aid and donations, but it needs to process applications and transparently through the use of legitimate channels and mass gatherings, civil society organizations and religious centers in residential areas.
It confirmed that some cooks Husseiniya processions they pledge cooking and serving food to the delegations of new volunteers and Iraqi army troops, as well as providing food for the displaced families of the provinces and cities of stable security.
It also indicated that the Najaf Chamber of Commerce undertook to purchase cladding for volunteers and displaced families from the hot spots, as well as do some women’s centers in several areas, and cooking meals for breakfast army troops and volunteers.

Support Volunteers

The traders and businessmen in the province of Karbala showed their willingness to donate money to the government to support the volunteer fighters against gangs “Daash” terrorist, as he said, the governor of Karbala, Akil Turaihi “A lot of traders have declared their willingness to participate in supporting the budget to maintain if needed local government money.”
“The budget of the province is currently empty because of a failure to approve the federal budget for the current year, but the local administration proceeded to the credit of the projects amounts to sustain the wheel of progress in the province.”

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