Turaihi Approves One Billion Iraqi Dinars for Modernization Project

Karbala / obelisk: Honest Karbala governor Akil Turaihi, on Tuesday, on the modernization project design spend about dates, at a cost of one billion Iraqi dinars, and the implementation period not exceeding two years.

Said Mayor eliminate pioneer as well Mashhadani in a press statement received “obelisk” a copy of “The local government in Karbala ratified the updated design spend Ain al-Tamur, after APPROVED by the Governing Council of the Judiciary and the Directorate of Urban Planning in it,” noting that “the project will be forwarded by the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works to Hedrosult implemented by the Dutch. “

He added, “This project will help to serve as a breakthrough in the elimination of urban development in the event of authentication Ministry of Municipalities and Public him.”

The Mashhadani that “the project will serve as a quantum leap If completed as required, because it will change the parameters spend Ain al-Tamur Urban and improve services within the limits of design,” explaining that “the project will be implemented in five stages of planning, and will provide for the Elimination of investment opportunities as well, such as the provision of services because of the expansion of the population who witnessed by the judiciary and the development of recreational areas and green, as well as other services needed by the elimination of up to 2035. “

He continued, “is going through each stage of the project are preceded by meetings with the advisory body in the ministry, and with parents and the local government in the judiciary, and held numerous discussions with the consultant amendments today and we got to the final stage, which was approved by the governor.”

The Mayor eliminate eye dates to “The total cost of the project of one billion Iraqi dinars, and the duration of the implementation of up to two years,” adding that “today, after the approval of the project by the municipalities became applicable law and implementation, as it enjoys eliminate eye Murr of how important the historical, economic and tourist for the country. “

And enjoys spending Ain al-Tamur standing economic, tourist and historical, is the source of dates ÇáßŃČáÇĆí due to the spread of palm groves in it, and it makes the best types of honey, dates, pomegranate molasses, which has also positioned a tourist for the influx of tourists in the seasons of spring and autumn because of its physical spaces for tourism, in addition to standing historical monuments spread on the road and to eliminate it.

The elimination of the largest districts in the province of Karbala, a kiss for tourists and visitors to the station from inside and outside Iraq to the presence of the eyes of the water circulating in it, and its location in the middle of Hajj by road and some of the holiest shrines.


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