The Ministry of Construction: Nine Apartment Complexes Ready for Delivery

Baghdad – and babysit – completed the Ministry of Construction and Housing to build nine residential complexes comprising thousands of housing units that are ready to be delivered to the beneficiaries on according to its plans to build about 31 000 housing units, with increased rates of achievement in the five complexes other to be delivered in the current year. comes at a time completed the province of Dhi Qar, sort of about seven thousand piece of residential land in cities across the province within the National Initiative for housing. director of the media center Abdel Wahed al-Shammari said that the cadres of the ministry completed the construction of nine apartment complexes in five provinces and are ready for delivery. between in a statement the “morning” that The number of complexes of up to 4,700 residential units distributed among integrators Benjh Ali by 600 housing units, and hunters at a rate of 504 housing units in the province of Kirkuk.

He added that the share of the province of Anbar, 1912 residential units distributed among integrators gallstone maize that contains 568 residential units, and a complex about it, consisting of 524 residential units, with a promising compound or Hlana and the number of units 405 residential units and the military quarter, which includes 512 housing units for distribution in Wasit province, as well as you will get the province of Dhi Qar on 984 units spread between Sadr 504 units and a complex Shoumoukh 480 housing units, with distributed Apartments complex or birds in the province of Muthanna number of 504 residential units. confirmed Shammari said five complexes Other ratios range from accomplished between 70 and 75 percent of Planned completed during the current year to be distributed among the beneficiaries, while the 2144 apartments in complexes chase in Salahuddin by 512 apartments and 696 apartments in the compound of the majority in the province of Diyala and 432 apartments in the complex Hit residential Anbar province, in addition to the 504 apartments in the complex neighborhood Jerusalem governorate of Najaf, will end with the companies in charge of the implementation of the residential complex Alsbouk in Basra in 1416 included building residential houses in the coming months to be distributed in accordance with the regulations approved.

He Shammari said the ministry had previously distributed 13 residential complex comprising 5638 residential units, as have 37 compound last under way, as is the implementation of the 30 thousand and 746 housing units, as they prepare for the assignment of 10 complexes comprising 3745 residential units. In Dhi Qar, announced that the province completed the counting of about seven thousand piece of residential land in cities across the province within the National Initiative for housing. said Chairman of the distribution of land, first deputy governor of Dhi Qar Hassan Aius “morning”: that “the National Initiative for Housing the national list by leaps and bounds have been counted seven thousand pieces residential center in the city of Nasiriyah and other cities of the province represent a second meal. “

He added that “Work is currently underway to sort out pieces of land other during the second phase of distribution,” noting that the Department of Urban Planning completed maps of primary and essential part of the basic design selected for the city of Nasiriyah for the distribution of the land on according to the guidelines and conditions of the National Initiative for housing.

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