Non-Oil Sectors to Achieve Sustainable Development

Baghdad morning  requires a transfer of financial resources of the state to investments in human capital and financial assets for sustainable development to generate future income for future generations to ensure the success of the investment program linked to the achievement of increased production and oil revenues for its importance in the development of the productive sectors of the non-oil. According to the adviser of the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini, the strategy of the Federal Budget 2014 – 2016 expects to increase the rate of production and export of Iraqi crude oil to 4.65 million barrels per day in 2016. noting in a statement to the (morning) that these projections were based on the implementation of the investment program associated with successful oil licensing rounds and contracts agreements with companies operating in Iraq.

Between Husseini that according to these expectations, the expected rise in crude oil revenue source to more than 178 billion dinars in 2016 in light of the price of a precautionary barrel of $ 90 per barrel source.  calling to convert a portion of the proceeds of financial resources as if the ratio (10 to 15 percent) and derived from the production and export of natural resource stainless run out to the assets invested in human capital or financial assets of foreign income-generating future for generations to come and support the sustainability of development. his part, said the academic economic Dr Essam Mahouelle he can not activate the productive sectors of the non-oil without The presence of a solid infrastructure is electrically powered. added in a statement (morning) that the industrial sector can not stand up without electricity as fuel prices used by the owners of factories in the run generators adds cost the extra price Maintjonh of materials, what caused serious damage to the economy has to be borne by the country and offset the import of cheap and poor quality of goods that can be produced locally.

Pointed to the need for a base of legislation assigned the private sector to support the policies included in the Constitution of the need to move to a market economy and to take the private sector role and the chance to contribute effectively to the economic development. stressed the importance of expediting the the development of the energy sector because it is not reasonable nor acceptable to continue deteriorating reality of power in Iraq to more years, noting that planning for the future should start from now to enjoy the future generations a sense of well-being and enjoy the presence of continuous income after her direct the process of sustainable development, which can be defined as the process of land development and urban and business, provided that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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