Military Council of the Rebel Clans Warns “Daash” Alaatdaealy Symbols of the Council

Gray / Iraq News Network – “The Council of Fallujah, the military,” The employees of the group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant “disenchanted that the dream of the Council to prevent sedition and overlooked hit of weakness,” which gave them the opportunity to “expand their influence and impose their accounts.” Said a statement of the Council: “The employees of the Islamic State have attacked some symbols of the military junta in Fallujah, is mindful of the law of God in reverent folks Jihad and Rabat, nor Mahspin account for the anger to their families. “the statement continued,”

The employees of Daash assaulted fighters Council and factions stationed on the frontlines during the kidnapping of a large number of them and the confiscation of weapons and a number of other sons of the tribes. “revealed the Council given a choice militants” Daashabductees after beating and torturing the pledge of allegiance and lay down their arms and leave the” Jihad for the sake of God. “And noted” military council “to discuss what he described as factions striving position” Daash “which” is crumbling the sails of the Mujahideen and confiscates the presence of others and the installation of you (Daash) leaders for each of the Mujahideen in the city is a legitimate right or allegiance voluntary or conversion of the owners of the land, or even recommendation from folks opinion and adulthood. “and announced” a sincere call “for” Daash “to desist from this “practices rejected by all the Mujahideen and the elite Islamic and tribal, which represents its people who suffer fear, displacement and offer sacrifices in order to achieve victories.”

Statement called militants “Daash” re-weapons confiscation and to apologize to them “about this big mistake and the completion of these actions unjustified religiously . “and follow the Council that” it would be right to take preventive measures to protect its people and the truth of each council members and rebels and fighters in the provinces Mujahid other, and discuss what needs to be taken positions about these worrying developments to keep the Mujahideen on Anassehm and help prevent the targeting of their project jihadist. “and added that “the rebels in the military council, which was an honor for him to expel the army Maliki and gangs have taken it upon themselves to confront injustice and tyranny faced by our people in the provinces Almentvdh and make life cheap in defense of their religion and their families.”

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