Iraq: The Birth of the Voter at the Expense of the Kurdish Parties

Scene between the performance of the elections in Kurdistan and popular awareness of this nascent political process amazed the ruling Kurdish parties, or that seek to rule, and beyond what was expected by international observers and observer States, especially in the region. Valhdu and participation high, despite the grumbling of the performance of the authorities and spread corruption and injustice, people showed appreciation for the role of ballot boxes and vote to ensure the political future of the Kurdish people and the new entity.

What amazed the Kurdish parties, the same results were not expect. These results are to be paid to listen to the demands of citizens across the face of corruption and social and economic injustice, which is spreading in the form of a terrifying and ale in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdish scale, where elections were held for Jean Kurdish provinces for the first time in eight years, along with the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the results were presented to the authorities and parties a lesson about a new political realism. The party KDP and the nationalist opposition of the MDC no health on what they Aakdanh and everyone expects from the continuity of their progress with the results of Kurdish parliamentary elections in 2013. Though I stayed first power in his stronghold of political and cultural in the city of Dohuk, capital of the province of Arbil, and got the MDC in its stronghold Sulaymaniyah area Ckramaan the first place, but that their results in general were not expected level. And increased, without expectation, the number of voters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, who suffered a resounding defeat and the unexpected in elections last year, so that increased people and commentators talk about the proximity of the end with the approaching parliamentary and local elections.

The reason for the return of the National Union, also analyzes Followers, moving to the tape, which showed President Jalal Talabani, a vote by sitting on a chair paid, his face pale smile speaks with supporters historic. Add to that the party adopt a more modest and closer to the historical approach in his speeches and media since his defeat last year. This is what led to the increased number of votes of the Union, even in the Democratic stronghold of his ally, Dohuk, and he returned strongly in the city of Sulaimaniya to prove its existence and its lifetime in front of his rival party, the change that was born of the ribs and at home grew and grew. If you added the results of the two parties, they are a potential bulwark was in the past one and a contender for the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, which puts the majority of Ahdthma without doubt on the scope of Kurdistan.

We can infer from the local elections are also a big drop of Islam on the whole Kurdish despite progress in the Iraqi parliament, what it says on the figures published so far. Islamist parties did not get a whole on the ratio that was ahead. The ratio has remained below that reached in the Kurdistan parliament in elections last year won nearly 17 percent of the vote. The information also indicates that it will not to exceed 14 percent of the total. This result comes at a time holds the Kurdish nationalist parties 81 percent of the vote, and this guide to the failure of political Islam, Kurdish for several reasons, and to his inability to understand the variables.

And on the scope of Iraq, in the elections two lessons: first, the failure of al-Maliki in the mobilization of Iraqi Arabs against the Kurds and success, unlike Maraam, in mobilizing the Kurdish vote and encourage them to participate in the elections, driven by a sense of fear historical letters such as. What he has done in recent months, Prime Minister of Iraq to incite and mobilize the Arab feelings against the Kurds has not reaped the fruits of electoral Arabic. Iraqis are Arabs refused inaugural “Crown their blood” earned “the blood of blood”, as he wanted. People saw him present with television cameras in front of the body of slain journalist shot dead a Kurdish reckless and absent from the scenes of the bodies of hundreds of Iraqis, journalists were journalists or not, who are falling bullets Arab. And they saw the tragedy of a man hired to narrow electoral goals and speech does not bode blood justice.

The other lesson in the election of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk, where the voice of the Kurds against the fragmentation of Kurdish lists and supported list, led by the governor of the city, as they considered them close to and far from partisan bickering and conflicts narrow. Chalked up yet five seats in the Iraqi parliament of a total of six for the Kurds, or the same number in the previous parliament. Did not get the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by opposition to the conservative list only one seat.

It has become the Kurdish voter has the sense of cash, or a decision on his way to them. He will try in the future to get rid of its previous pawn to this party or that. Though the recent elections for the beginning of Anatagah of this image. Thus we see does not endorse the policy of the Kurdish government in the face of Baghdad, is considered to bring in its oil policy and the limited categories a lot of money do not see the benefits of the majority of the Kurds. And primarily responsible for this issue, as indicated by the results of the election, is the Kurdistan Democratic Party in control of the Kurdish government. So we see an election to pay the price. Valcarda expresses his anger against rampant corruption in Kurdistan and vote against the policy of Maliki towards him, whether pumping salaries Kurds or exploited by humans without killing hundreds of others.

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