Iraq is Losing 500 Million Dollars a Month Due to Military Operations in Anbar

BAGHDAD / JD / .. after several months on the military operations launched by the security forces on the stronghold of the so-called “State of Iraq and the Levant Islamic” (Daash), inflicted those processes material losses estimated at millions of dollars, as a result of the fluctuation of trade across the borders of Anbar and drain hardware The weapons of the Iraqi security forces, plus it left casualties, both from the security forces or civilians due to indiscriminate shelling. He specialized in economic affairs, that the continuation of military operations in the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, without the presence of radical solutions and peaceful will lead to the occurrence of economic problems did not ominous in the country, pointing to the Agency / JD / that the size of the losses left behind by the military operations in Anbar, estimated at more than ( 500) million dollars a month. Strategic expert and specialist in economic affairs peace Quraishi, said that the continuation of military operations in Anbar province, will lead to the depletion of force Iraq financial terms of compensation left behind by those operations and volatile trade in the executors Trebil and newborn border, as well as arms deals concluded by Iraq with the United States the U.S. and the Czech Republic and Russia.

He told / JD /: that the continuation of those operations will also force hardware security forces and thus will be forced Iraq to strike new deals with some countries to equip security forces with ammunition, and that too will increase the burden of the Iraqi state, adding that the ongoing military operations in Anbar costing Iraq every month more than 400 million dollars. He pointed out: it is necessary to put an end to these operations because it will pull the country to complex problems both in terms of economic, political or social. The record of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, a remarkable rise in the prices of various goods in the Iraqi market, especially the food ones, attributing the cause to the difficulty of the arrival of the goods imported by the traders, they enter through the executors of Anbar province to Iraqi provinces different. The United States intends to sell weapons worth billion dollars for Iraq in a deal that includes aircraft light attack and armored vehicles and blimps, and the deal includes also sell Iraq 24 fighter jet light attack aircraft AT-6c Vksan, an aircraft with propellers produced by Beechcraft with machine-guns from 50 caliber. navigation devices and sophisticated and can carry precision-guided bombs. The value of these aircraft, equipment and services thereto about 790 million dollars.

The head of the Union Jaafar al-Hamdani, “The Anbar province owns two of the largest border crossings in Iraq, and most importantly, the two executors Trebil and newborn, due to the volume of goods that enter through them such as fruit and vegetables, clothing, construction materials, home appliances, building materials, electrical and other,” noting that ” security events in the cities of Anbar has caused the closure of implementing several times, as well as traders were unable to enter the goods via these ports because of the fighting in those cities, forcing some of them to keep those goods in the positions of implementing border against the daily fees they pay to meet with the arrest of the vehicle loaded goods in those positions. well as some traders are forced to return to the source of goods vehicles, while others are forced to take the path of another, more difficult and costly for them. ” He explained that “the lack of entry of goods or survival stuck when implementing border or resorting to the streets to another to be entered, is causing great losses to the trader as a result of the loss of part of the profits, which is reflected on the citizen due to afford an increase on the prices of those goods, and the state is also due to the weak revenue obtained by implementing hardware customs border taxes on goods entering the country. “

He pointed out that “the specialists in the Union estimated the losses incurred by Iraq as a whole because of the events of Anbar, about 155 million U.S. dollars a month.” Therefore, according to a strategist peace Quraishi and president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani, Iraq loses about more than 500 million dollars a month due to military operations in Anbar province. For his part, warned the MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Sheriff Soliman, the impact on military operations in Anbar and security problems taking place in the country on the work of foreign companies operating in Iraq, stressing that the deteriorating security situation and the political impact negatively on the advent of global investment firms.

He said Suleiman told / JD /: “The Iraqi economy is greatly affected by events that exposed the country both political problems between the parliamentary blocs or security breaches that occur in the country,” noting that foreign companies currently operating in the country threatened to leave and leave the work in the event of continuing the current status quo, particularly the military operations in the western region and the deterioration of the security situation there.

He pointed out: that the security situation is one of the reasons that make the global investment firms are reluctant to work and invest in the country, calling for the creation of appropriate investment climate for businesses in order to support the national economy and promotion.

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