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IQD has been the talk of town for all the investors. Iraq is an oil rich country and in spite of its war conditions and the constant threats of the US for attacks on it, people are still thinking about investing in the Dinar. Currency of Iraq would soon be seen as the best currency as per the Iraqi economists. There is a tug of war going on between both the groups that would it be a good decision to manage the change in the price of the dinar or not. Iraq would not only gain the best benefits in very less time but it would also get a better price for its oil by the other countries of the world. Iraq’s trouble is because of the oil reserves they have. The US has a keen interest in the oil reserves worth 11.6 trillion dollars in Iraq. Iraq is now in a better condition but still the conditions of the country need to be managed in a much better way.

Iraq is also extending better relations with other countries so that the neighbors can make pacts with them for better deals. Kuwait and Iraq have signed a pact over tourism cooperation. Jordan and Iraq are also doing well for the betterment of the country, Jordan is using the road route to come into Jordan and dig for diamonds.

Iraq has a great tourism requirement due to all the Muslim shrines all over the country. People, especially Muslims from all over the world have a keen interest in visiting Iraq. It was very hard to stop the visitors even during the war conditions when the visas were not available for the tourists; they managed to get them somehow or the other.

All the shrines are very well kept and require a lot of investment in them for their proper care.  A lot of people are ready to offer cleaning and safekeeping services voluntarily but the Iraqi government has a special quota in the budget for the food and drinks for all the pilgrims who come to the shrines with a special awe for their martyrs. Iraqs better conditions have left a wave of happiness through the Muslim community as they can easily access the country and be fearless when visiting the shrines.

With the change in the price of the currency it would be easier for the country to gain better profits and earn better when tourists and media journalists come to the country. The lack of proper business that was badly affected due to war in the country is expected to revive soon and taking it step by step, everything would gradually gain normality.

The US interest in the country due to oil is a great thing for Iraq if catered and used properly, Iraq can gain great business through it. All those people who think that they can invest in the IQD should do it now because very soon the price is expected to rise and that would be the best time to gain profits and sit back to relax. Even a small amount of investment would make a good return when the currency would be equalized to the US dollar.

The dinar would hit the international currency trade market in the same way as the several other currencies so that everything works out well not only for the IQD but also for the economy of Iraq.

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