Industrialists Offer their Abilities to Support the Commercial Market and the Military Effort

Baghdad, Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb Snaaao expressed willingness of the private sector and their capacity to provide the required support and quickly armed forces through the formation of their workshops and adapted to serve all military equipment through harnessing the long experience in military matters, assign tasks logistics task.

Identify Requirements

This came during the second forum of the Economic Committee of the crowd that her head d. Sami al-Araji, a representative of the government, gave a speech where identified in its infancy stage and the current economic capacity of local security forces in support of all the logistics and other needs in light of the growing number of volunteers who have joined the ranks of the army and chock setups.
He continued, saying that the work should be fast in all joints economic commercial, industrial and service sectors, as he stopped at the possibility of hiring border crossings new in the service of local merchants and mechanisms of action exceptional facilitate the supply of goods in accordance with the needs of the country, pointing to the existence of an operation room in the cabinet relay Workflow at border crossing points to facilitate smooth entry of goods.

Exceptional Abilities

He expressed concerned about the equipment industry and the mechanisms Qasim Sadiq Kadhim of Iraqi Federation of Industries and the presence of exceptional capabilities of the private sector can operate continuous 24 hours a day to repair all kinds of heavy equipment, traditional and during periods of record in specialized workshops and mobile this regard. Pointed to the existence of the experiences of working potential world have the ability the rehabilitation of all the mechanisms and has experience of over 30 years in this area and other areas that can be used to serve the security forces, especially the military engineering effort needs to expertise the local private sector.

Coefficient of Productivity

To that expressed by representatives of the Federation of Industries of participants in the forum their potential manufacturing and by jurisdiction after listening to the most important requirements of the current stage, which confirmed the presence of coefficient of small and medium able to fill 80 percent of the local market need for goods and food products, varying proportions in other materials, all of which are subject to the testing equipment standardization and control quality and regulatory approvals specialized devices.
Between industrialists and their ability to manufacture drugs for many conditions and specialized surgery, also pointed to the presence of 40 plants ready for the manufacture of cladding needed by the army and the other for the manufacture of tents and the requirements of this phase and the army needed in light of the current situation. To that between the representative of the Iraqi National Business Council Taha Mohamed big potential in the supply of food during the day and through the new ports and sea ports, according to market needs and to instruct the crowd Economic Commission in determining the necessities of the next phase.
He pointed to the possibility of processing markets within days, hundreds of thousands of tons of basic materials that achieve a balance in supply and demand in the local market, pointing to the existence of the ability to provide all the requirements of the country and as soon as possible.

Import Capacity

Returned Araji to confirm that the balance between the capacity of import and manufactured locally is required and will be organized according to the actual need, which do not affect the manufacturing capacity of local, where will the demand for the local product as long as the available and that the work will be organized away from the policy of dumping of the commodity and its impact on the local product negatively, as pointed out The current stage is a real step towards economic reform effective Bracket for comprehensive economic development.

He demanded to provide all needs through economic unions non-governmental organizations that represent them, and that is part of a committee crowd Economic and numbers what he can produce or service offered within days to find out the reality of the market and draw a policy suited to the current stage, focusing on the importance of what can be offered to the military effort by forming teams Maintenance specialized because this is very important Bmaigdmh flexibility for military movements, pointing to the importance of providing food for the army in all areas through the production of canning of different kinds and biscuits in the squad Arzak Almarkhogerha of materials that do not degrade quickly.


He pointed out that there is coordination with the Ministry of Commerce regulates the local market needs and capabilities import the ministry in order to achieve a balance in the capacity of traders import and ministry. Araji promised industrialists to work on providing an appropriate environment for the continued production and continuity in this circumstance and in the future through cooperation with the competent authorities in this regard, and to pause economists register them according to each individual competence. He concluded al-Araji, a modern stand at the role of the Federation of Contractors who is entrusting the military effort, including needs and experiences of the mechanisms and potential help to open new routes and the creation of bridges and other requirements specified within the capacity of the Union.

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