Expectations of Obama from The Government of Iraq

Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad congratulated U.S. President Barack Obama, on Thursday, the Iraqi people, one day after the legislative elections, with the expressed hope that the electoral process to form a government supported by all Iraqis, warned of difficult days to come to the country.  said Obama in statement followed the “Tomorrow’s Press,” said that “millions of Iraqis exercised their right to democratic vote,” pointing out that “post yesterday showed the whole world that they are interested in a more stable future.” and added that “whatever the result of the ballot should be used to unite the country with the formation of Government supported all Iraqi communities and be prepared to adopt concrete programs and enforceable. “ and warned the American president that “there will be more difficult days,” but he promised that “the United States will remain a partner of the Iraqis.”

The capital Baghdad and other provinces have seen, yesterday morning Wednesday, began the process of universal suffrage for the parliamentary elections, amid tight security and a curfew in some provinces, while closed the Electoral Commission for elections, when the sixth of yesterday evening, all the ballot boxes year for the parliamentary elections in all provinces of the country, in what appeared to staff operations counting the first ballot boxes in all polling stations nationwide,. while announced the Electoral Commission, that the proportion of the public vote in the elections is calculated based on the register of voters, according to polls, as she noted that it amounted to 60% of the voters’ register and 70 % of the electronic cards.


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