Cabinet Approves the Distribution of Free Fuel to Private Generators for the Next four Months

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Oil Ministry announced the approval of the Council of Ministers on the distribution plan material kerosene} {free to owners of private generators for the next four months, compared to {8-10} hours of operation.

He said an oil ministry source told the News} {Euphrates “The Council of Ministers approved a plan distribution of material {kerosene} free, on private generators for months {June, and July, and a father, and September}.” and explained that “the quota free include distribution amount Ttrah of {20 -25} liters per {KV1}, and hours of operation of {8-10} hours and according to the agreement with the Ministry of Electricity.

“Experiencing the capital Baghdad and all the provinces of Central and South fluctuated significantly in the hours of processing, and return hours cutting coder. attributed the Ministry of Electricity voltage fluctuation , and the return of the pieces programmed hours in the capital Baghdad and the provinces to non-delivery of fuel to the power plants, and the extravagance of citizens to energy consumption through the use of high-capacity air conditioning.

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