Baiji Refinery in The Crossfire

The Committee on Oil parliamentary the need to provide security protection for the Baiji refinery through the concentration of cuts, especially in the vicinity of the refinery because of its strategic importance to the country, while Ezzat oil ministry reason stopped production at the refinery to exposed pipes carrying for several terrorist bombings frequent, denying the presence of foreign experts working in the the refinery. A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad on the mass of virtue in an interview for the “long”, “The Baiji refinery is one of the largest refineries in Iraq and cause stop functioning occurrence of a crisis in the oil derivatives in the areas of the Kurdistan region, Mosul and Salah al-Din.”

Indicating that “the people of the apartment complex near the refinery and working where they left their homes and fled to safe areas because of panic that they have suffered as a result of military battles in the region.” Saad pointed out that “the Army Air was able to achieve accurate air strike which managed to repel attacks by al Daash repeated at the refinery,” pointing out that “the refineries is a ticking time bomb and should be well secured.”  It called for “the need for a military force sufficient to protect the refinery in order to continue his work because of its great importance in the Iraqi economy and attachment directly to the conditions of the Iraqi citizen.”  A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, in an interview for the “long”, “The Baiji refinery was not subjected to any act of sabotage by terrorist groups during the previous period, despite the repeated attacks by the security forces because of the protection of all the surrounding areas.”

He said “stop the refinery came as a result of exposure line network carrier of petroleum products for terrorist operations frequent and most important line of Baiji – fresh bath to a number of northern provinces, including Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Nineveh in addition to the Kurdistan region.” “The inventories amount of petroleum products, and accumulated at the refinery led to a bottleneck lines internal production processes and that reason has stopped working permanently for the production of all derivatives, including gasoline and kerosene Oil and White Oil in addition to crude oil.” And said the “refinery established in the early eighties of the century the past and is one of the largest refineries in Iraq to plan production capacity of 750 000 barrels per day, has suffered several bombing and sabotage during the Iran-Iraq war and the Gulf War than the last expansion of the production lines. “

The Jihad said that “the operation and maintenance of the refinery is the responsibility of national cadres because of its efficiency and experience of more than thirty years and it refutes the rumors about the presence of foreign experts oversee the leadership of the refinery.” In turn, said oil expert Hamza Jeweler in an interview for the “long”, “The Baiji refinery is one of the important institutions of oil on the economic level of the country because it represents a national treasure in sight to the simple citizen.” He added that “the control of the security forces at the refinery 15 kilometers in diameter provides adequate protection for all the joints of the production process of its own, which is strategically target totals for the terrorist because it represents a focal point of the task.”

“The scarcity of petroleum products and high prices in the provinces of the north addition to the Kurdistan region were stopped because of the Baiji refinery for production lines and subjected to terrorist operations, the airline frequent and thoughtfully coordinated to cut off supplies to some Iraqi provinces.” He said the “production of refined petroleum products represent 28% of the domestic production of the country, and there is a genuine effort by the staff to improve the quality of the product by the introduction of new lines for the purification of the product, including comparable imported it.”
He stressed that “any terrorist attack by bombing the refinery mortar does not greatly affect the infrastructure of the refinery in order to reset the pressure in the inner tubes and the associated production processes due to the cessation of production of daily operations.”
He pointed out that “the burning of the waste pond containing crude oil does not necessarily mean the refinery explosion in full, as it contains a sophisticated self-protection techniques.”
A spokesman for the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces team Qassim Atta, has denied on Tuesday, what some of the media from the control elements “Daash” on the Baiji refinery in the province of Salah al-Din, stressing that the refinery under the control and protection of the security forces fully, while noting that the position of the officers and the mattress was heroic in repelling all terrorist attempts.
Atta said at a news conference in Baghdad, yesterday, attended term “,” The reports by some media about the gunmen seized control of the organization Daash the Baiji refinery in Salahuddin province baseless, “noting that” the security forces controlling fully drained and groundless of that information. “
Atta and praised “the heroic stance of the officers and mattresses in repelling all terrorist attempts,” pointing out that “the security forces stand lookout for all the attempts by the militants aimed to destabilize the country’s security.”
Some of the media has picked up, on Tuesday evening Monday, according to press reports, the militants control regulation “Daash” on the Baiji refinery in the province of Salahuddin.
It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from a lack of stability in the security situation push Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in the (June 10, 2014), to declare a state of high alert in the country, after the control of the armed organization “Daash” on the Nineveh province, fully, and progress towards the Salah ad Din province and control over some areas, for the security forces to be able to regain control of many areas.

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